Pathlight student’s dinosaur motif design makes a comeback on limited edition EZ-Link cards

Ez-Link launches limited edition Singapore Shophouses Collection cards designed by Pathlight School students. Photo: Esther Leong/TODAY
Ez-Link launches limited edition Dino Series cards designed by Pathlight School students. Photo: Esther Leong/TODAY
Launch of limited edition Ez-link cards, designed by Pathlight students, aim to stimulate new perspective on autism
Published: 10:25 PM, July 20, 2017
Updated: 8:49 AM, July 21, 2017

SINGAPORE The dinosaur motif printed on a pouch that became a fashion must-have after Ms Ho Ching was seen carrying the accessory during a visit to the White House is now available on EZ-Link cards.

The Dino Series and a Singapore Shophouses Collection were launched on Thursday (July 20) as part of a collaboration with Pathlight Artist Development Programme (ADP).

The two limited edition series is part of EZ-Link’s efforts to promote the inclusion of individuals with autism and celebrate their exceptional talent in the arts, the company said in a media release.

In August last year, photos of Ms Ho Ching carrying the pouch designed by Pathlight student See Toh Sheng Jie while accompanying her husband Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on a State Visit to the White House had spurred “overwhelming” demand for the accessory.

The dinosaur motif will be printed in six different colours (S$8 each) for sale from July 21.

The Singapore Shophouses Collection is designed by students Glenn Phua, 21, Jonathan Cai, 14, and Muhammad Khairul Bin Asmi, 19. These EZ-Link cards, sold in a set of three (S$15), feature Singapore’s architectural icons like shophouses along Balestier, Pagoda Street and Joo Chiat. Each design’s detailed renderings highlight a typical trait of autism meticulous attention to detail. The cards may also be bought individually from August at S$12, and comes with S$7 value.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of these EZ-Link cards will go towards the ADP to fund programmes that support the development of their artistic talents. The student artists behind the cards will also earn royalties recognising the value of their work and strengthening their ability to gain financial independence.

Pathlight School’s principal Ms Linda Kho said: “There is really no better platform than this to reach out to the masses and help them understand the talents and abilities of these special people.”

EZ-Link CEO Nicholas Lee said the Dino Series and the Singapore Shophouses Collection were launched “in recognition of the student artists’ talents, and to spur our people to embrace fellow Singaporeans who are enabled differently”. “We hope that these EZ-Link cards will stimulate a new perspective on autism and our support will bring out the best in these extraordinary students,” he added.


Early purchase is available at Art of Autism: All Things Singapore’s public art exhibition on July 20. Organised by ADP, the public art exhibition is located at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore from July 20 to Aug 31.

The limited edition EZ-Link cards will be up for purchase from Friday, July 21 on