94% say they give up their seats on MRT trains

Inforgraphic: Edric Sng
Transport authority releases survey results on commuters’ awareness of social norms as it rolls out latest graciousness campaign
Published: 11:13 AM, August 21, 2013
Updated: 3:16 PM, March 21, 2016

SINGAPORE — A recent survey of 1,000 commuters has found that an overwhelming majority of MRT commuters are aware of courteous behaviour on trains, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said today (Aug 21) as it prepares to launch its latest graciousness campaign tomorrow.

According to the survey conducted by the LTA, 98 per cent of respondents said that they queue up and give way to alighting passengers, while 96 per cent say that they move in away from the doors to allow other commuters to board the train when it is crowded.

And 94 per cent of commuters said that they give up their seat to those who need it more.

To encourage more such courteous behaviour among commuters, the LTA will be launching a series of posters and stickers from tomorrow as part of its Graciousness Programme 2013 campaign.

The posters and stickers, which will illustrate positive social norms, will be put up on train windows, platform screen doors, as well as on buses and at bus shelters.

The LTA’s Group Director for Corporate Communications, Ms Tammie Loke, described consideration as a “very powerful piece of travel infrastructure”.

“Many do make an effort to queue, move inside and give up their seat. We want to recognise that effort and remind commuters that we can do a lot to affect our own journeys and those of others when we are considerate,” she said.

The series posters are part of this the “Make it Right for a Better Ride” programme, now in its fourth year, organised by LTA together with the Public Transport Council, SBS Transit and SMRT Ltd and the Singapore Kindness Movement.