COE prices over the years

Cat E COE prices reached a peak of almost S$100,000 in Jan 2013 – see how it evolved from S$20,000 in Jan 2010 till today
Graphic: Rodolfo Pazos, Yime Benites
Wednesday, 08 January 2014
*An engine horsepower cap of 97kW was introduced in Feb 2014 for Category A in addition to the existing criteria of engine capacity of 1,600cc. Any car with engine horsepower over 97kW will be classified as Category B.

Motor vehicle population* under Vehicle Quota System (VQS)

*Figures include weekend/off-peak cars and tax exempted vehicles
**Prior to Aug 2012, taxi operators can bid for a new COE or pay Prevailing Quota Premium (PQP) to register a taxi under Category A. The latter is only in the case of a new taxi that replaces a deregistered one within 6 months. From 6 Aug 2012 onwards, all taxis pay for COEs based on the PQP of Category A.
***Vehicles exempted from the VQS include scheduled and school buses, emergency vehicles, engineering plants primarily for off-the-road use, diplomatic vehicles and vehicles under the Disabled Person Scheme."

Number of new cars by brand in

Prior to 2004, figures exclude taxis and tax exempted cars. From 2004, figures include all tax exempted and VQS exempted cars but exclude taxis.
"Others" include car makes having a total of less than 5 units being registered in a year.