Singapore among the most active on social media: Report

Singapore among the most active on social media: Report
A smartphone user shows the Facebook application on his phone in this photo illustration, May 2, 2013. Photo: Reuters
Republic has second highest social penetration rate with 59%, more than double the global average of 26%
Published: 5:22 PM, January 10, 2014
Updated: 6:10 PM, January 11, 2014

SINGAPORE — Singaporeans are one of the most active social media consumers in the world, according to a report by We Are Social released on Wednesday (Jan 8).

The Republic has the world’s second highest social penetration rate in Singapore at 59 per cent, more than double the global average of 26 per cent. Top spot goes to the United Arab Emirates with 80 per cent.

We Are Social calculated the social penetration rate based on the active users of the largest active social network in each country. A total of 24 countries, including Singapore, were included in the report.

Social media users in Singapore spend 2.2 hours on average per day on all social media channels, slightly above the world average of 2.0 hours. This ranks the country 15th in the world in the list topped by Argentina with 4.3 hours.

Singaporeans are also more connected to the Internet as compared to the rest of the world on average, the study revealed.

The city state’s Internet penetration rate is 73 per cent, above the global average of 35 per cent.

The mobile penetration rate in Singapore stands at 148 per cent, smashing the global figure of 93 per cent.

Nonetheless, Singaporeans are spending more time surfing the Internet on the traditional mediums of laptops or desktops as compared to on mobile. Singaporeans spend an average of five hours and 16 minutes surfing the Internet each day on laptops and desktops but only one hour and 57 minutes on mobile.