Indonesian copywriter dies from overwork

Indonesian copywriter dies from overwork
Mita Daran, an Indonesian copywriter, collapsed after overworking. Photo: Facebook
Father says his 27-year-old daughter fell into a coma after working for three days straight
Published: 1:00 PM, December 17, 2013
Updated: 6:10 AM, December 18, 2013

JAKARTA — The death of an Indonesian copywriter yesterday (Dec 16) from alleged overwork has set the Internet abuzz.

Mita Diran, a copywriter at advertising agency Y&R, died after working three days straight, according to her father.

Indonesian magazine Tempo reported on its website yesterday that her last tweet on Saturday, Dec 14, said: “30 hours of working and still going strooong.”

She was 27 years old, according to Indonesian news website

Mita’s father, Mr Yani Syahrial, posted information on her health on his Path account on Sunday, saying that his daughter was in a coma at the hospital Rumah Sakit Pusat Pertamina after working for three consecutive days.

“Hi everyone, since last night and until now my daughter who is a copywriter in Y&R in coma in RSPP. Chances not very good. She collapsed after continuous working overtime for 3 days last night. Working over the limit. I have not slept since then,” Mr Yani wrote in his Path account.

One of Mita’s colleagues replied to Mr Yani’s post, saying that Mita’s death was due to a “lethal combination” of excessive work and the consumption of Kratingdaeng, the Thai version of popular energy drink Red Bull, Malaysian news site reported.

Mita was reported to have been buried yesterday morning, and her employer, Y&R Indonesia closed for the day as a sign of respect.