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53-Year-Old Joe Ma’s New Drama Debuts With TVB’s Lowest Ratings Of The Year, Netizens Say His Age Is A “Turn-Off” For Viewers

How rude.

Joe Ma’s new TVB drama Stranger Anniversary premiered to the broadcaster's lowest first-week ratings of the year. 

Joe, 53, has been in showbiz for close to 30 years and is very much a household name in Hongkong.

During a promotional event for the drama on May 11, he asserted that the drama’s weak ratings could be due to many factors and urged viewers to continue supporting it as the drama will get better as it progresses.

The actor, who is currently working on other projects in China, specially took the time to return to Hongkong to promote the drama.

“I was not going to be in Hongkong during this period, but everyone really put in their all for this drama, so it’s a must that I return to promote it. I will go back to China once the work here is done,” he said, adding that this trip made him lose some jobs as well as halt other projects.

In Stranger Anniversary, Joe plays two separate characters: a famous lawyer and an unemployed IT guy who switch identities midway through.

Though Joe has been praised for his acting, there were netizens who blamed the actor for the lousy ratings. 

Some felt that his performance in a comedic role was lacking, while others wrote that Joe's "old" age is a "turn-off" for viewers and that he and his co-star Roxanne Tong, 35, look more like father and daughter than a couple.

How rude.

We think Joe looks good for his age. Just look at these pics his wife posted last year, showing just how little he’s changed since his younger days.

Joe in Stranger Anniversary

When asked if he’s worried that the drama’s ratings would fall even more,  Joe said that he doesn't give it much thought as viewership is not something an actor can control.

Roxanne backed him up by saying “word of mouth is still the most important” when it comes to a drama’s success.  

Joe’s other co-star, Carmen Ngai, 26, also spoke up against those who blamed the actor for the bad ratings.

She feels that [the ratings] have nothing to do with how old Joe is as it is impossible for an actor to only play roles of his own age.

“In fact, Joe is still very young, and he has maintained himself very well, I hope to be like him in the future,” she said.

Photos: Sinchew News, Mingpao

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