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987FM’s Avery Aloysius Yeo does a number 2 every night while hosting his show…and other secrets of being a DJ

There's no such thing as over sharing unless you're asking about their pay.

Have you ever wondered what the DJs are up to in the studio when a song is playing and they're not talking to their listeners?

Let 987FM jocks Germaine Tan, 27, and Avery Aloysius Yeo, 28, who host The Down Low weeknights from 8pm to midnight, tell you.

Considering how each radio shift is about four hours long, can the DJs go to the loo while they're on air?

According to Germaine, the answer is... "Absolutely not. What happens is there's a lock on our door until our show ends. They don't let us out."

"Which is why I have to use this...," said Avery holding a plastic cup. 

He's kidding.

Of course, the jocks get to go for pee breaks but what happens when someone has to do a number 2, which takes considerably longer?

According to Avery, that's something he does every night on The Down Low, by the way. 

TMI, but okay.

"Germaine puts on a longer song, she sits here and makes sure everything goes well while I [do my business]," said Avery.

Germaine then chimed in: "Taylor Swift has a very long song, she has a 10-minute version of 'All Too Well' which Avery sometimes needs."

Nice. Now we'll know what Avery is doing whenever that song comes on.

Speaking of songs, who gets to decide what tracks are played on the radio? Is it Germaine or Avery?

Surprise, surprise, neither of them has the say. 

"We've got a music director who does this for us. It's his job because music is the business so we don't get to pick the songs," explained Germaine. "If you let us pick the songs, Avery will just play rock and emo rock all day." 

And finally, the question people love asking them most: Do DJs get paid enough?

"Absolutely n..." they say just before the video gets cut off. Guess there are still some secrets they are not willing to share.

Catch the full video on 987FM's Instagram below: 

Photos: 987FM/Instagram, Avery Aloysius Yeo/Instagram

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