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Angelababy slammed for 'not loving her country' after videos of her at Blackpink concert go viral

"We should make [celebrities] go for political classes," scorned one netizen.

In normal circumstances, watching a concert with your pals probably wouldn't get you into any trouble.

Unless you're Chinese actress Angelababy, 34, who found herself the target of online vitriol after she was seen at Korean girl group Blackpink's Born Pink World Tour in Macau last weekend (May 21). 

Angelababy at the Blackpink concert with Mario Ho, the son of late Casino King Stanley Ho

According to reports, Angelababy was watching the concert, which was held at Macau's Galaxy Arena, with the children of the late Casino King Stanley Ho, namely Alice Ho and Mario Ho, as well as Chinese actress Ouyang Nana

Needless to say, the stars were easily spotted despite being in a sea of fans, and videos of Angelababy at the concert started circulating quickly online.

Angelababy and Ouyang Nana spotted backstage at Blackpink's concert

But who would have expected netizens to be this livid about the actress showing up at the concert, simply because they were unhappy that she was supporting the Korean stars?

For the uninitiated, it probably stems from this political maelstrom: In 2016, the relationship between China and Korea was strained by South Korea's THAAD deployment controversy. South Korea had employed the U.S. Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system in response to nuclear and missile threats from North Korea. China is, needless to say, wary of this advanced system’s presence in its midst. 

As a result, in Feb 2017, Korean variety shows became restricted in China, and Korean celebrities were also no longer able to actively promote there.

Which explains why netizens are now slamming Angelababy for "not loving her country", and "many celebrities have gone to watch Blackpink's concert" has also started trending on Weibo. 

"We should make them go for political classes," snarled one netizen, while another berated: "Angelababy is one of those Korean fans; I already wasn't that fond of her, now I hate her even more."

Photos: PBE Media, hk01

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