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Barbie Hsu filed a case against ex-husband Wang Xiaofei, which restricts him from meeting their kids? She sets the record straight

The Taiwanese star has been embroiled in numerous legal battles with her ex since their divorce in 2021.

In late 2021, Taiwanese star Barbie Hsu, 46, divorced her Chinese businessman husband Wang Xiaofei of 10 years.

What ensued was a string of legal battles between the two, with Barbie taking Xiaofei to court for failing to pay alimony, then again filing a case against him for revealing their two kids’ faces on Douyin.

Just as it seemed like everything had been settled between the former couple, rumours of Barbie filing yet another court case against Xiaofei, again, started to brew.

Xiaofei went against the agreement he had with Barbie, posting pics of their kids to Douyin

For those not in the know, Barbie and Xiaofei had a mutual agreement to not show what their children looked like on social media in order to protect the privacy of the little ones.

However, early this month, during their son, Hsi-Lin’s seventh birthday, Xiaofei posted a Douyin revealing the faces of both the birthday boy, and their elder daughter, Hsi-Leh, nine.

When Barbie addressed the matter, saying that her “lawyer will handle everything”, she was swiftly met with a response from Xiaofei’s mum, who wrote: “Some people are too evil! They’re so evil they don’t have limits. A father is getting sued for simply celebrating his kid’s birthday, does that even make sense?”

It was easy for many to assume that Barbie was upset with the situation. It was most likely also the issue that triggered further rumours that Barbie was again, filing another court case against her ex-husband.

Yesterday (May 25) several Chinese media sites took to Weibo to announce: “Barbie says that it’s too often for Xiaofei to be seeing the kids once every two weeks.”

They alleged: “According to Taiwanese media, Barbie and Xiaofei are in another legal battle. This time, they’re not fighting over alimony. Instead, she feels that it’s too often that Xiaofei gets to visit their kids once every two weeks as it has seriously affected her quality of life.”

According to the post, Barbie had requested that the court limit the number of times Xiaofei gets to visit their children. 

The post quickly went viral, with Barbie and Xiaofei becoming the top search topics on Weibo once again.

However, Barbie was not going to sit back and watch the rumours spread.

She took to her own Weibo page to share screenshots of the false post, with the word “rumour” overlaid in huge font on the pic. She also captioned her post: “Rumours! Hear no evil, speak no evil.”

She really has had enough of fake news, okay?

Barbie wasted no time in rubbishing the rumours Photos: Barbie Hsu/ Weibo, Sinchew News

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