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Barbie Hsu Says She Rushed To Marry Korean Singer DJ Koo So That He Could See Her In Taiwan

Taiwan is currently not open to tourists, so he could only apply for a visa after getting legally married.

Barbie Hsu’s sudden wedding announcement on Mar 8 left just about everyone bewildered. Not only did the 45-year-old tie the knot just three months after divorcing Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei, her new Korean husband Koo Jun Yup is an ex-boyfriend with whom she broke up in 1999.

Barbie revealed deets of her relationship to Taiwan Apple Daily, and their story sounds straight out of a rom-com.








  • Jun Yup & Barbie over 20 years ago

    1 of 2Jun Yup & Barbie over 20 years ago

    It turns out that she met Jun Yup, better known as DJ Koo, when she was 20 and was “forced to break up” with him after dating for a year (but didn’t say why). She added that he’s stayed single for over two decades after their break-up (also didn’t say why), and clarified that they are not intending to hold a wedding ceremony or have any more children. As for why they were in a hurry to make things official, Barbie explained that he couldn’t go to Taiwan because of the pandemic and “could only see each other if they got married”.

  • Didn't they look cute together?

    2 of 2Didn't they look cute together?

    She has two children with Xiaofei, an eight-year-old daughter and six-year-old son.

    DJ Koo meanwhile corroborated the story by telling Korean media outlet TV Daily that he was in such a rush to get hitched because he was unable to enter Taiwan due to pandemic-related restrictions. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, tourists currently cannot enter Taiwan. Among the valid reasons for a special visa to be granted is if the person is a “foreign spouse of R.O.C. (Taiwan) nationals who have completed marriage procedures”.

    As Jun Yup wanted to meet up with Barbie as soon as possible, he asked her if she would “become a family with him before it gets any later” and she immediately agreed. The pair has since obtained their marriage certificate in Korea.

    He is flying to Taiwan today (Mar 9) and will be reunited with Barbie after serving 10 days of mandatory quarantine. DJ Koo has told reporters that he will stay in Taiwan for two months to get to know her kids before the family of four relocates to Korea.

    Photos: PBE Media

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