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Cecilia Cheung’s Elder Half-Sister Is A Successful Realtor In Vancouver

The Hong Kong actress' sister Peggy Davies is also a celeb of sorts in Canada.

Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung, 42, is often praised for her  beauty, but it turns out her half-sister Peggy Davies is just as stunning as she is.

Also known as Dai Pek Chi, Peggy is Ceci’s mum Davies Shally’s daughter from her first marriage at 17.

Peggy, who is in her mid-40s, inherited her pan-Asian looks from her mum, who is of Chinese-British descent.

She's now a successful real estate agent

After Shally and Ceci’s father, Cheung Ren Yong split in 1989, Ceci and her two younger brothers Ronnie Cheung and Cheung Pak Man, went to live with their dad, while Peggy stayed with Shally.

In 2011, Peggy immigrated to Vancouver. She has been working as a real estate agent and appears to be doing pretty well for herself.

Besides being known in the real estate industry, Peggy is also a celebrity of sorts, performing in plays and would make appearances at events.

She was recently spotted at the opening of a patisserie in Vancouver, where she participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony and also sang with Christy Chung’s eldest daughter Yasmine Ross.

Also present were former TVB actress Gloria Tang and veteran actor Eddy Ko.

Former TVB actress Gloria Tang and Peggy at the patisserie opening Throwback pic of Ceci and Peggy

According to reports, Ceci and Peggy have a close relationship.

When Cecilia and Nicholas Tse divorced in 2011, she took her sons Lucas and Quintus, now 15 and 12 respectively, to live with Peggy in Canada for a brief period.

Peggy also helped to care for Ceci's youngest son Marcus, now four, when he was born.

Photos: Cecilia Cheung/Weibo, Peggy Davies/Instagram, hk01

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