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Charmaine Sheh Received 115 Handwritten Letters From Fans On Her 47th Birthday; Took 5 Hours To Reply Every One Of Them

A lot of effort leh.

Hongkong actress, Charmaine Sheh, who turned 47 last weekend, really likes receiving handwritten letters on her birthday.

This time last year, Charmaine gushed over an autographed handwritten card from by her idol Maggie Cheung. (To be fair, we would go nuts too if we received a gift from the enigmatic screen goddess as well.)

So this year, Charmaine’s fans took the opportunity to send her letters, 115 handwritten notes to be exact, in which they conveyed their love and support for her. 

For Charmaine, the most thoughtful gift of all is…

A thankful Charmaine wrote on Weibo: “I’m so lucky, recently [I] received 115 handwritten letters at one go, which allowed me to feel the excitement from each one of you. I really enjoy how I could guess how every one’s personality is like through your writing, tone and choice of paper. How does the person who has been quietly supporting me all these years look like? This is such a magical experience ~ thank you guys for giving me such a special birthday.”

Charmaine took to her Weibo page to reply all the letters from her fans

Besides thanking everyone, Charmaine also took the time – five hours! – to reply every single letter she received. And no, she didn't just cut and paste the same message.

Every reply Charmaine wrote was personalised and even addressed what each writer wrote in their letter. 

For example, she wrote to one fan: “Congratulations for walking out of the darkness into the light. Cherish your friendships~ See you in Malaysia ~.”

Netizens have since praised Charmaine for being super thoughtful and appreciative of her fans. 

Not a message from a fan, but well wishes from a friend

Like clockwork, Charmaine's long-time screen partner Bobby Au-Yeung, 61, also wished her a happy birthday for the 11th year running.

The pair starred opposite each other in many hit TVB dramas, including Forensic Heroes 2 (2008), Witness to a Prosecution 2 (2003) and Knife Female Detective (2013).

Posting a recent selfie of him with Charmaine, Bobby cheekily wrote: “Happy birthday, stay healthy, have exciting days [ahead], leave singlehood soon!!”

Charmaine's reply? “Many thanks old sir”.

Once, when the duo were guests on Chinese variety show Not a Loner, Bobby, who is clearly very concerned with Charmaine’s love life, asked his pal if she ever thought of freezing her eggs so she could have kids in the future.

Charmaine, who was 45 then, said she had seriously considered the option.

Earlier this year, Charmaine was rumoured to be dating a mystery man who was seen accompanying her and her mum to the doctor. Alas, Charmaine refuted the reports, revealing that the man is her brother.

Photos: Sinchew News, Charmaine Sheh/ Instagram, Charmaine Sheh/ Weibo, Bobby Au Yueng/ Weibo

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