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Dee Hsu Felt Pressure To Conceive A Boy, Wished She Could Tell Her Mother-In-Law The “Problem Lies With [Her] Son’s Sperm”

The star says her three daughters are a blessing and she’s learnt to block out the pressure from her in-laws.

Taiwanese host Dee Hsu has never been shy to share about her family life (sometimes maybe a little too much). The 43-year-old tied the knot with businessman Mike Hsu, 51, in 2005 and the couple has three daughters Elly, 17, Lily, 15, and Alice, 10.

In a recent episode of her talk show Dee Girls Talk, she revealed some of the things her mother-in-law does that drives her crazy. One of them is the constant urging to bear her a grandson.

Dee said her mother-in-law often dropped hints like “We have one son and two daughters in our family. Isn’t that very good?”

Her usual response would be to just smile and then go to the bedroom and rant to her husband: "[Her mother-in-law needs to get ] this clear. Whether it's a boy or a girl, the problem lies with your sperm… go explain this to your mother.”

Dee said her husband would then pacify her by telling her to ignore his mum.

Dee and her husband Mike

Dee and her husband Mike

Dee however assures everyone that despite her pining for a grandson, her mother-in-law loves her girls very much.

When her youngest daughter Alice was born, her mother-in-law would carry her around all the time.

“The baby’s feet never touched the ground. From when she was an infant to when she was about six years old, the child [was always attached] to my mother-in-law’s tummy,” joked Dee.

Her girls are all she needs

Her girls are all she needs

Dee previously shared that she used to be under a lot of pressure to conceive a son and had tried all sorts of remedies, but to no avail.

She blamed herself for “disappointing” her in-laws and would hide in the toilet and cry.

When she found out she was expecting a girl, she didn’t dare reveal the baby’s gender to her in-laws and would send her husband to face them alone.

Thankfully, Dee managed to get over that period with the support of her husband and has blocked out the pressure from her in-laws.

“I no longer think about [having a son]. Having a child is a blessing and my daughters are the biggest and best present that heaven has given to me," she said.

Photos: Dee Hsu/Facebook, PBE Media

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