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Edison Chen’s Daughter Blurts Out That He’s “Making A Movie”, He Tells Her “It’s A Secret”, And Now Everyone Says He’s Making A Comeback

Is the bad boy-turned-family man really making his showbiz return?

For the past two years, Edison Chen, 41, has been focusing on his family life in California with his supermodel wife Qin Shupei, 31, and their five-year-old daughter Alaia.ed family 1

Ed with his wife Shupei and their daughter Alaia.

He basically faded out of the movie business — the last film he starred in was 2018’s The Shadow’s Play opposite Michelle Chen and Jing Boran — choosing to focus on this fashion brand CLOT as well as appear in the occasional fashion shoot.

However, some netizens claimed that they recently saw Edison in Japan, and that he was filming a movie there, sparking rumours that the star is making his comeback.

So sweet

So sweet

While that remains a rumour, Edison’s recent live stream sesh with Alaia hints that he actually may really be making his screen return.

In the live stream, Ed was seen playing with his daughter (so cute!) when Alaia suddenly blurted out that her daddy is “making a movie”. Hearing that, Edison immediately placed his finger on his lip and told her, “No, it’s a secret!”




That got his followers so excited, some even surmised that his reaction was so genuine that it’s probably true that he’s making his big screen comeback.

Well, we can only wait and see!

Photos: Edison Chen/ Instagram

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