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Ex-TVB actress Ng Wai Shan now performs at night shows in China; is so popular fans snatch her autograph like it's cash

The actress left TVB in 2012 after 16 years when she couldn’t make ends meet.

Ng Wai Shan's name will probably not ring a bell, though you might recognise her from TVB dramas back in the noughties.  

The 45-year-old actress left TVB over a decade ago in 2012 and now performs night gigs in China.  

Fans of ex-TVB actress Ng Wai Shan looked so happy to see her

Recently, Wai Shan was spotted singing at a night show in China and the response from the floor was rapturous, to say the least. The actress was seen throwing copies of her signed autograph off the stage and fans were flocking to grab them like it was cash. 

No wonder she has no regrets leaving the broadcaster.  

"When I told TVB I was leaving back then, they didn't even ask me to stay. I wasn't angry, and I should thank the company for letting me learn that I can survive on my own outside," she shared in an interview previously. 

"I didn't expect myself to have a market performing at night shows,” she confessed. “Initially I didn't get paid much, but I was used to surviving on just [a few SGD thousand], and I definitely make more than that performing at night shows." 

Wai Shan appeared in TVB dramas opposite A-listers like Tavia Yeung and Charmaine Sheh 

Wai Shan enrolled in the TVB training class in 1995 and her cohort included peers like  Angela Tong, Damon Law and  Singaporean-born actress Eileen Yeow. 

The actress continued to work for the broadcaster for 16 years until she decided that her salary was too low to make ends meet. 

According to Hong Kong media, Wai Shan was doing fine in TVB until a change in top management in 2011 resulted in fewer work opportunities for her.  

"I used to have many gigs, but eventually I was only left with one show per year, which meant that I only made a few [SGD] thousand dollars for the entire year," said Wai Shan.  

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