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Foodie Friday: What The Stars Ate This Week (Mar 4-11)

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

Food is best enjoyed together, and that’s what our local celebs did this week. Aileen Tan, Pan Lingling and Huang Shinan checked out Chew Chor Meng and Dennis Chew's new bistro, Zoe Tay, Tracy Lee and Hong Zhaorong treated themselves to sumptuous hawker fare after a walkathon, and Qi Yuwu is giving away free scoops of his handcrafted gelato. Read on to find out how you can get your hands on them.

  • Zoe Tay, Tracy Lee and Hong Zhaorong

    1 of 21Zoe Tay, Tracy Lee and Hong Zhaorong

    What they ate: Sumptuous hawker fare

    Yummy factor: After a walkathon they did in support of Rare Disorders Society’s fundraising event, Carry Hope 2022, the hungry trio refuelled with sumptuous hawker noms like fried glass noodles, grilled beef cubes, garlic cockles, gong gong, and more.

  • Pornsak and Shane Pow

    2 of 21Pornsak and Shane Pow

    What they ate: Filling breakfast

    Yummy factor: Just before their unfortunate robbery at tourist destination Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, Pornsak and Shane made a pitstop for breakfast at Boudin Bakery, which is famous for all things sourdough. Considering how they probably would have lost their appetite after, at least the whole cheesy sourdough pizza, bacon and cheese sandwiches and clam chowder in bread bowls would have kept them full for a while.

  • Huang Shinan, Pan Lingling, Chew Chor Meng, and Aileen Tan

    3 of 21Huang Shinan, Pan Lingling, Chew Chor Meng, and Aileen Tan

    What they ate: Mookata

    Yummy factor: It was a sizzling affair at Chor Meng and Dennis Chew’s newly-opened 888 Mookata Bistro in Changi Village, where the longtime pals gathered over iced thai milk tea and platters of marinated meats, seafood and comfort nosh to lend their support.


  • Felicia Chin

    4 of 21Felicia Chin

    What she ate: Mummy’s cooking

    Yummy factor: On International Women’s Day (Mar 8), Felicia posted a heartwarming tribute to mummy dearest, and shared some of her fave noms made by the queen of her heart — stewed pork ribs, nourishing soup and eggs fried with onions and cai poh (preserved radish). Fun fact: Feli’s mum tends to scale back on unhealthy additions, so the cai poh was a rare touch.

  • Tay Ying, Hong Huifang, Zheng Geping and Das DD

    5 of 21Tay Ying, Hong Huifang, Zheng Geping and Das DD

    What they ate: All things duck

    Yummy factor: Just before the Tay family and Das went to catch Calvert's performance at the Singapore Cancer Society's Relay for Life event, they enjoyed what looks like kway chap and duck noodles and a sharing plate of braised goodies at Yu Kee Specialities, prompting the comedian to quip that he has “replaced [Calvert]”.

  • Qi Yuwu

    6 of 21Qi Yuwu

    What he ate: Gelato in unique flavours

    Yummy factor: Is Yuwu planning to go into the gelato business? The aspiring dessert chef has created two unique flavours — ginseng and goji berries — in collaboration with gelato cafe Monarchs & Milkweed. If you'd like to try them for free, simply pre-register here and 100 lucky fans can score invites to the event at the cafe on March 18, 8pm. Don't say bo jio!

  • Hong Ling and Nick Teo

    7 of 21Hong Ling and Nick Teo

    What they ate: Celebratory dinner

    Yummy factor: After the Star Awards press conference yesterday (Mar 10), the couple headed to one of their regular haunts, EagleWings Loft, where they celebrated Hong Ling's Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste nomination. The actress looked mighty pleased as she dug into her wagyu steak and sweet potato fries, while Nick had the wagyu beef don.

  • Yvonne Lim

    8 of 21Yvonne Lim

    What she ate: Homemade tacos

    Yummy factor: What started as a craving for Mexican food became a full-on project for Yvonne, who started making taco shells from scratch and filling them with everything from avocado to beef, fish, and shrimps. And she even made her own sauces. It’s no wonder her kids loved ‘em.

  • Carole Lin

    9 of 21Carole Lin

    What she ate: Afternoon tea

    Yummy factor: Carole commemorated International Women’s Day by having the super pretty EmpowHer Afternoon Tea (we’re loving the pun) at Shangri-La Singapore with a friend, and it was an afternoon filled with both sweet and savoury bites, including local delights like ondeh ondeh, prawn noodles and ngoh hiang.

  • Seow Sin Nee

    10 of 21Seow Sin Nee

    What she ate: Korean food

    Yummy factor: Sin Nee was in for a treat at Cassandra See’s bistro Hungry Korean, where she got to savour yet-to-be-launched dishes whipped up by their new Korean chef. Foodie favourites include the hearty jjampong (spicy seafood noodle soup), gagi japchae (stir-fried glass noodles with fried eggplant slices), and fried chicken tteokbokki. Stay tuned to #JustSwipeLah for her review.

  • Chen Xiuhuan

    11 of 21Chen Xiuhuan

    What she ate: Sandwich wrap

    Yummy factor: Xiuhuan’s kind of sandwich? A colourful one comprising a sunny side up, thick slice of luncheon meat and fresh tomatoes in a wrap. Toast it lightly to give it a crisp crust and best enjoyed with cucumber slices on the side. Definitely gonna give this low carb sarnie a try.

  • Denise Camillia Tan

    12 of 21Denise Camillia Tan

    What she ate: Malaysian eats

    Yummy factor: Never mind the calories, Denise has been chomping her way through Ipoh and Penang with family, and tempting us with mouthwatering snaps of everything from pork intestine satay (!!) and tau huay, to Ipoh hor fun and char kway teow with crisp lard bits. Talk about a foodie trip.

  • Irene Ang

    13 of 21Irene Ang

    What she ate: Seafood galore

    Yummy factor: Irene looked like she couldn’t wait to dig into her dinner at Osia Steak & Seafood Grill. The lobster, which you're supposed to pair with a tomato chilli lime dip, was from the grilled seafood platter featuring flavours of the sea — fish collar, king scallops, king prawns, octopus, and soft shell crabs. And with the lobster mac and cheese on the side, Irene probably went back to her staycation villa with a food coma.

  • Sheila Sim

    14 of 21Sheila Sim

    What she ate: Small bites

    Yummy factor: Just before Sheila tested positive for Covid-19 on Monday (Mar 7), she had the best weekend catching up with her bestie over wine and delectable small bites — freshly-shucked oysters and dark rye rolls with vegemite butter — at modern wine bar, Fool. We wish her and her family a speedy recovery!

  • Cheryl Wee

    15 of 21Cheryl Wee

    What she ate: Comfort food

    Yummy factor: The stars aligned for Cheryl, who got to catch up with friends and have her go-to ravioli dish — the Ravioles de Royans stuffed with Tête De Moine cheese — at French cafe Merci Marcel. And from what we hear, the pan-seared barramundi was a winner for Cheryl too.

  • Alan Wan

    16 of 21Alan Wan

    What he ate: Beef bulgogi

    Yummy factor: Thanks to the convenient meal kit from K-style gourmet butcher and restaurant The Butcher’s Dining, Alan got to become an oppa chef for a day, whipping up a hearty beef bulgogi in no time with tender beef slices. And for extra oomph, Alan oppa even added his own glass noodles to soak up the savoury goodness.

  • Jean Danker

    17 of 21Jean Danker

    What she ate: All-day brekkie

    Yummy factor: Jean’s colourful all-day brekkie — a hearty combo of creamy scrambled eggs on toast, fried sausage, bacon, baked beans, fresh greens, sauteed mushrooms and tomatoes — probably looked and smelled so good that even her doggo, Biscuit, was waiting to see if he was lucky enough to get some scraps.

  • Huang Biren, Pan Lingling, and Huang Shinan

    18 of 21Huang Biren, Pan Lingling, and Huang Shinan

    What they ate: Lavish Japanese meal

    Yummy factor: The trio, along with former actress He Yong Fang, gathered for Biren’s 53rd birthday (Mar 7) at Iko Restaurant and Bar, where they indulged in a decadent spread of fresh oysters with pickled ginger and champagne vinegar, fried ebi with yuzu kosho aioli, rice bowls, and more.

  • Hazelle Teo, Kunhua, Zhu Zeliang and Das DD

    19 of 21Hazelle Teo, Kunhua, Zhu Zeliang and Das DD

    What they ate: Birthday feast

    Yummy factor: Qi Xiang Hotpot proved to be the perfect spot to celebrate YouTuber Das and Yes 933 DJ Zeliang’s birthdays — Mar 1 and Mar 6 respectively — as the extensive menu meant that there was something for everyone. Not only was there the usual hotpot fare, we spy wagyu, lobster, fried carrot cake, crab meat fried rice and more. And whilst Zeliang seemed a little embarrassed when the party started singing the birthday song, the boys did get mee sua and banana split on the house.

  • Michelle Wong

    20 of 21Michelle Wong

    What she ate: Mexican favourites

    Yummy factor: If you’re looking for delish Mexican food, check out Nixta Mexican Grill & Bar, which is “next level” for Michelle. The guac-to-chip ratio was perfect for the guacamole, roast corn masa and roasted chicken looked amazing, and the churros with chocolate sauce and delce de leche (caramelised milk) was airy and crisp. Now that’s a satisfying meal.

  • Evelyn Tan

    21 of 21Evelyn Tan

    What she ate: Vietnamese lunch

    Yummy factor: Safe to say, the Yes 933 DJ was spoilt for choice at Paper Rice Vietnamese Kitchen, where she had her fill of Northern Vietnamese cuisine. Think pho with marbled beef slices arranged neatly on a petite wooden rack, banh mi, skewers and even a spring roll platter.

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