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Foodie Friday: What The Stars Ate This Week (Sep 3-10)

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

This week, Fann Wong and Zed celebrated Christopher Lee's return over yakitori, Chen Xiuhuan cooked up a storm for Yvonne Lim, Zoe Tay treated The Heartland Hero crew to a lok lok feast, and Candyce Toh and her daughter Azalea couldn't be more excited to indulge in their Hello Kitty-themed meal. Read on for more.

1 of 20 Fann Wong

What she ate: Yakitori

Yummy factor: With hubby Christopher Lee back in Singapore, the reunited family of three headed out to have Zed’s favourite yakitori at a cosy looking Japanese restaurant. And of course, the boy had to have at least two skewers in hand for their family wefie shot. Cute.

  • 2 of 20 Chantalle Ng and Felicia Chin

    What they ate: Fried bee hoon

    Yummy factor: Check out that beautiful mess. Chantalle and Felicia couldn't be happier to dig in to the huge breakfast of economic bee hoon, thanks to their Leave No Soul Behind ​​​​​​​co-star Brandon Wong. Talk about starting one’s day on the right noods.

  • 3 of 20 Sharon Au

    What she ate: Peranakan food

    Yummy factor: Yes, although Sharon is back in Paris, she’s still having her fix of Peranakan fare at her go-to cafe, The Hood — think hearty offerings like fried chicken, nasi lemak and nasi ulam, and even nyonya kueh like kueh salat. It’s like she never left home.

  • 4 of 20 Chen Xiuhuan, Yvonne Lim and Hong Huifang

    What they ate: Kong bak pau and laksa

    Yummy factor: Knowing full well how much Yvonne loves local flavours, Xiuhuan decided to make a mouthwatering spread of braised pork belly to enjoy with steamed mantous, as well as laksa with plenty of blood cockles for her and hubby Alex Tien, as well as Hong Huifang and Zheng Geping.

  • 5 of 20 Jack Neo and Henry Thia

    What they ate: Korean BBQ

    Yummy factor: Comedians Jack and Henry caught up over a meaty Korean BBQ meal, grilling thick umami slices of pork belly and enjoying them ssam-style (wrapped in leaves). We hope they ordered a lot more food and drinks during their man-date.

  • 6 of 20 Paige Chua and Zoe Tay

    What they ate: Lok lok

    Yummy factor: A most generous Ah Jie treated her fellow The Heartland Hero co-stars like Paige Chua and Jernelle Oh to platters of skewered goodness from Lok Bu Lok Bistro. And this is just a portion of the spread. We have our eye on the fried vegetarian goose, mantou, and rolled pork belly strips.

  • 7 of 20 Chen Yixin and Joanna Theng

    What they ate: Comfort food

    Yummy factor: It’s been a while since the While We Are Young co-stars got to catch up, and they finally managed to do so this week over what looks like fusion Japanese fare. And with every proper brunch sesh, fries are always a must — fancy toppings are a bonus.

  • 8 of 20 Candyce Toh

    ​​​​​​​What she ate: All things Hello Kitty

    Yummy factor: For Candyce and her daughter Azalea, who are ardent fans of Hello Kitty, dining at Kumoya’s Hello Kitty shabu shabu restaurant pop-up probably felt like a dream come true. After all, the whole experience was dedicated to the popular character, from the hotpot ingredients to the desserts and even tableware.

  • 9 of 20 Jade Seah

    What she ate: Scissors curry rice

    Yummy factor: Despite being a huge foodie, this is the first time Jade is having scissors curry rice. Fun fact: Jade likes her food neatly presented, and the mountain of ingredients and curry on rice was a bit much for her OCD. Nonetheless, the glorious “mess” of pork chop, tau pok, fried egg and fish cake proved to be a delicious mix with the flavourful curry.

  • 10 of 20 Gini Chang and Herman Keh

    What they ate: Lu rou fan

    Yummy factor: Would Gini and Herman make a great culinary team? Well, the duo seem promising enough on their #JustSwipeLah appearance together. Though Gini faced a few hiccups, no thanks to Herman, the Taiwanese-style braised pork rice, which she whipped up using this recipe, looks pretty legit. Watch #JustSwipeLah to see what went down in their cooking challenge.

  • 11 of 20 Thomas Ong

    What he ate: Home-cooked delights

    Yummy factor: Dinner at a friend’s place was so delicious, Thomas believed he could leave this world with no regrets. On the menu were smoky grilled ribs, a citrusy prawn salad, more plump grilled sausages, and what looks like decadent squares of brownies. Yum.

  • 12 of 20 Sheryl Ang and Cynthia Koh

    What they ate: Nasi lemak

    Yummy factor: Check out the nasi lemak platter Cynthia and Sheryl had at farm-to-table concept bistro Bollywood Veggies — there’s blue pea coconut-infused rice, sambal goreng, curry chicken, otah tempura and more to go with crispy keropok. They ended the meal on a sweet note with banana cake and coffee.

  • 13 of 20 Lina Ng

    What she ate: Bak kut teh

    Yummy factor: Despite feeling a little under the weather, Lina’s husband insisted on having a lunch date with her at Sin Heng Claypot Bak Kut Teh to celebrate their 21st anniversary over simple but hearty fare of tender ribs in herbal broth, braised pig trotters, dough fritters, and more.

  • 14 of 20 Joanna Dong

    What she ate: Luxurious eats

    Yummy factor: Joanna spent a leisurely afternoon savouring delectable bites at the three-Michelin-starred Odette, where she enjoyed exquisite dishes like trout tacos, pepper-crusted pigeon, show-stopping marukyo uni topped with gold Kristal caviar, and more.

  • 15 of 20 Hazelle Teo

    What she ate: White Rabbit lolly

    Yummy factor: Fellow 933 DJ Zhu Zeliang surprised Hazelle with a treat she couldn’t resist — a White Rabbit ice lolly brimming with nostalgic flavour. A most excited Hazelle just had to do a taste test immediately, and she how loved how the chewy treat reminded her of her favourite childhood sweet.

  • 16 of 20 Tracy Lee

    What she ate: Dumplings

    Yummy factor: Tracy got busy making a whole tray of dumplings for lunch, and boy did the little plump goodies look yummy after being steamed, tossed in sauce and served with mushrooms and greens.

  • 17 of 20 You Yi

    What she ate: Weekend brunch at Neptune cafe

    Yummy factor: For You Yi, having a wholesome weekend brunch is a form of self-love, especially when we’re talking house-made beef balls with herbed mushrooms and cream sauce with toast, crunchy burnt brussels sprouts and a strong cuppa.

  • 18 of 20 Nick Shen

    What he ate: Sumptuous meal

    Yummy factor: Good food puts Nick in a good mood, especially when he’s had a comforting bowl of pumpkin soup and fresh crispy-skin sea bass. And since he was at Wine Connection, of course he had to enjoy a glass of wine too.

  • 19 of 20 Constance Lau

    What she ate: Homemade udon

    Yummy factor: From what we can tell, Constance seems pretty impressed with her own cooking — a hearty bowl of what looks like udon served with an egg (could it have a molten yolk?), tempura prawn, and savoury Japanese-style garnish.

  • 20 of 20 Kate Pang

    What she ate: Rosti

    Yummy factor: Because both Aden and Avery are such huge fans of crisp rosti, the Swiss dish has practically become a staple in the Chen home. This time, Kate made some for the kiddos to go with pan-fried salmon and steak, as well as stir-fried greens and mushrooms for a balanced meal.

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