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He looked for the flat with the Hari Raya lights: How Suhaimi Yusof walked into a stranger's home to take a dump by just knocking on the door

The comedian is so well-loved, he managed to do it not once, but twice.

Local actor Suhaimi Yusof, 53, recently appeared on comedian Fakkah Fuzz’s The More Better Podcast, where they spoke about his career as a radio jock, and other interesting anecdotes from his many years in showbiz.

One particular story however, stood out more than the rest.

It all started when Fakkah brought up a story he once heard about Suhaimi from a relative. Said relative went: “If you think you’re famous, you’re not famous enough. You know what Abang Suhaimi can do?”

Turns out, the actor has a hilarious story, involving a wedding at the void deck of an apartment block, an unbearable tummy ache, and a random Malay household. 

Fakkah said: “There was one time [Suhaimi] was [invited to] a Malay wedding held downstairs, and all the toilets were full. He needed to shit. He just went to the nearest Malay house and ‘ding dong’ [he pressed the doorbell]. The fella opened the door [and went] “Eh Suhaimi!” [and Suhaimi said] “You wait ah I need to shit. Later I come out then we can take photo,” Fakkah continued. 

Fakkah's co-hosts, standup comedians Jacky Ng and Qamarul Haziq, burst into laughter as Fakkah explained how effortless it was for Suhaimi to walk into a random stranger's house and use the toilet. 

“[My relative] said," Fuzz, you can do or not!” You cannot do you keep quiet (sic) bro you have a long way to go,” exclaimed the comedian, before asking Suhaimi to confirm if he had recounted the incident accurately. 

“[It was] around 5.30pm, it was at Ang Mo Kio,” began Suhaimi, as everyone roared with laughter again. 

Suhaimi went on to explain: “There were no coffee shops around and I was going to either explode or implode. I didn’t think I could make it in time. I saw the, you know, during Hari Raya sometimes they don’t take [the fairy lights] down, they call it lampu lap lip, so [I was] trying to identify which one was the halal house.”

Suhaimi then spotted the fairy lights on the second floor of the block, and immediately went upstairs to knock on the door of the house. The owner and him greeted each other, and he immediately asked if they could open their gate. 

“I went straight to the toilet. I said “I see you later”,” said Suhaimi, who needed to take a dump so urgently, he didn’t have time to explain himself to the very confused home owner. 

But guess what? Suhaimi is so famous and well-loved in Singapore, the home owner knew who he was and didn’t stop him from using their toilet. 

According to Fakkah, that’s the “boss-est move [one] can pull in Singapore”. And he's right.

Turns out, Suhaimi has done this more than once. “A couple of times” actually according to the actor, who said he did the same thing once at a Chinese household. 

Upon hearing that, Fakkah excitedly suggested that after Suhaimi starred in Mediacorp comedy show The Noose, Chinese audiences are familiar with him too.

His suggestion led Suhaimi to say, “Indian house… yet to be. Maybe this year I try Indian house.” 

The clip of their hilarious conversation was posted to TikTok, and has more than 300K views as of press time. 

Netizens were super tickled by the anecdote, with one dubbing Suhaimi "the Malay version of [famous American host] Steve Harvey".

And it seems like there are many takers for the next time the actor needs to use a toilet urgently. 

"If Abang Suhaimi knock on my door, I straight open the door and give him a set of my house keys," wrote one netizen, while another joked that they "are not going to take down their lampu lap lip this year". 

Photos: themorebetterpodcast/ TikTok

Fakah Fuzz’s The More Better Podcast is available on Spotify.

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