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Heavenly King Jacky Cheung, 61, once considered relocating to Singapore

Pity the move didn't pan out for the singer who will be performing at our Indoor Stadium for six nights in July.

Jacky Cheung, 61, recently appeared on a new Hong Kong talk show, We Love This Place, where he was interviewed by politician Frederick Ma about his life and almost four-decade-long career.

The Heavenly King, who will be performing at the Singapore Indoor Stadium for six nights in July, revealed that he used to face difficulties singing many of his songs, including his 1986 hit ‘Lan Yu’ ( 蓝雨).

“I couldn’t reach the notes in many songs. I had to record the song ‘Lan Yu’ many times, and it took a long time before I could sing it well. For such songs, if [I] stop practising for a week, it would be hard to start singing it again. If [I] don’t practise singing it for two to three weeks, I would have to start from scratch,” said Jacky.

Although Jacky has become one of Asia's most revered singers, he has never gotten complacent when it comes to his voice.

According to Jacky, his secret to maintaining his pipes all these years is to practise singing six days a week.

Jacky and Frederick also spoke on the topic of immigration.

Turns out, Jacky once considered immigrating to Singapore or Canada. He even travelled all the way to the consulate office in Canada, fully prepared to make the arrangements for his move.

However, he ultimately decided to remain in Hong Kong due to “certain reasons”, which he did not specify.

Frederick also revealed that Jacky was once offered a lot of money to appear as a guest on reality competition Sing! China. However, Jacky turned it down because he felt like he “didn’t have the ability” to take up the offer.

Jacky will be holding his Jacky Cheung 60+ Concert Tour at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on July 14-16 and 21-23. Tickets range from S$168-$388, and will go on sale on April 26, 10am on

Photos: Oriental Daily

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