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He’s A Good Drinker: Bosco Wong Downs 9 Bottles Of Wine And A Bottle Of Moutai With 4 Guests At His Restaurant

That’s a lot of alcohol for five people.

Most of us would know Bosco Wong, 42, as the star of popular TVB dramas such as War of In-Laws (2005), Young Sherlock (2014) and Flying Tiger 2 (2019).

But did you know that the Hong Kong actor is also a restauranteur?

Bosco’s Tsim Sha Tsui restaurant OysterMine was badly affected by the pandemic, and chalked up losses of over HK$1mil (S$170K).

However, he was insistent on retaining all his staff, and continued to pay them their regular salary. 

Recently, a Chinese netizen took to social media to share pictures of his dinner at OysterMine, revealing that they were actually in the company of Bosco himself.

“My friend is very close to Bosco, so I was recommended to dine at his restaurant. Turns out, Bosco was around, so we started drinking together. Five of us finished nine bottles of white wine and a bottle of Moutai (a type of Chinese distilled liquor). My friend said that I had a little bit too much, and kept clinging onto Bosco as I drank. It was so awkward when I thought about [what I did] the next day! He’s super handsome in person, and very nice as well,” wrote the netizen on social media platform xiaohongshu.

For those who aren't drinkers, nine bottles of white wine and a bottle of Maotai is a lot of alcohol for five people.

In the photos he posted, said netizen could be seen with his arms around Bosco.

The netizen was probably quite tipsy by the time this photo was taken They also had a bottle of moutai, a Chinese distilled liquor with an alcohol content of over 30 per cent

Bosco is quite the entrepreneur.

A high-ranking executive from TVB once revealed that Bosco has many investments in Malaysia, and often travels to China for business dealings as well.

Bosco's ventures in F&B, wine, and property are said to be thriving, leading many to believe that his net worth has greatly increased over the years.

Photos: Bosco Wong/ Instagram, Chinapress

You can catch Bosco in Flying Tiger 2 on meWATCH, or watch the first episode below. 

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