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HK Screen Icons Richard Ng & Michael Chan, Both Plagued By Health Problems, Make Rare Appearance On IG

Myolie Wu's husband, Philip Lee, posted the photo, much to the delight of movie fans everywhere.

It’s not every day that you see Hongkong comedy legend Richard Ng, 82, and '70s martial arts star Michael Chan Wai Man, 78, on social media but thanks to Myolie Wu’s businessman husband Philip Lee, we got to see both screen icons out at a restaurant recently.

Both veteran actors have faded out of the limelight in recent years because of health issues, and netizens were heartened to know that they are doing well. We mean, Michael even has a glass of red wine in his hands.


    Richard (centre) in 1985's Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars

    Richard (centre) in 1985's Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars

    Richard, who saw his popularity skyrocket with the Lucky Stars series in the ‘80, was diagnosed with renal failure three years ago.

    With his kidneys functioning at only 10 per cent, he has to go for peritoneal dialysis four times a day. He previously underwent surgery as he was suffering from cardiovascular embolism, which causes blocked arteries.

    He also suffers from severe hearing loss and can only pick up 30 per cent of the sounds around him.

    Despite these health woes, and his family troubles, he remains in good spirits.

    Michael then and now

    Michael then and now

    Michael was one of the top martial arts stars in the '70s, and in the later part of his career, would go on to act in many triad movies like Young And Dangerous 3 and Once Upon a Time in Triad Society. Interestingly, the former police officer was kicked out of the Hongkong police force because of his links to the notorious 14K Triad.

    He bowed out of the spotlight in 2019 after being diagnosed with lung cancer, but is now in remission after undergoing treatment.

    Although he intended to make his comeback last year, he suffered a stroke which caused mobility issues on one side of his body.

    Michael started hiking and exercising to build his stamina back, and is said to be back in the pink of health.

    Photos: PBE Media

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