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Japan, Taiwan & Hong Kong Reopening To Tourists Soon: A Round-Up Of What You Need To Know

Everything you should know to make that long-awaited vacation a smooth one. 

Taiwan, Japan and — to some extent— Hong Kong are welcoming tourists back once more. This is surely music to the ears of Singaporeans who’ve been yearning to return to these much-loved destinations for a vacation after over two years.

Some travel restrictions have been simplified, while other new ones have been introduced. What do you need to do in order to travel to where? What are the prevailing Covid-19 restrictions in these countries? Just how exorbitant are airfares to these places now? Here’s a handy guide to help you navigate through the reopening of Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong to the world.

TAIWAN: Reopening Oct 12

Covid-19 tests:

  • No pre-departure tests (PDT) required.
  • ART self-test on Day 0 (day of arrival) or Day 1 and Days 2, 4 and 6. Each traveller aged two and above will be given four ART kits upon arrival, free of charge. Negative results need not be reported, while Covid-positive folks will have to quarantine or seek medical help.
  • Travellers to monitor their health for seven days.

Vaccinations: Not required.
Visas: Visa-free entry granted to citizens of countries that previously had that status, including Singapore.
Quarantine: No quarantine on arrival. But if travellers test positive on Days 0, 2, 4 or 6, they will have to quarantine at designated facilities.
Masks: Required in most indoors and outdoors settings, except when eating or drinking.   
Others: Covid-19 travel insurance not mandatory (though you probably should still get it since expenses are on you should you test positive there).
Airfares: At press time, a return ticket (Singapore-Taipei) for a trip from Dec 1-7 costs from $1,099.90 on Singapore Airlines.

More info and latest updates for Taiwan here.

JAPAN: Reopening Oct 11

Covid-19 tests:

  • No tests required for vaccinated people.
  • Unvaxxed travellers must take a PCR test within 72 hours of departure. If they’ve travelled to a Yellow or Red listed country in the last 14 days (Singapore is Blue), they must take an on-arrival test and quarantine for three days.

Vaccinations: Visitors must be triple-vaxxed with any of WHO-approved vaccines (from Oct 11).
Visas: Visa-waiver for 68 countries, including Singapore, from Oct 11.
Quarantine: Not required.
Masks: Not mandatory, but strongly recommended indoors and on public transport.
Others: Travellers must pre-register on MySOS app or web, and can do so from two weeks up to six hours prior to landing in Japan.
Airfares: At press time, return tickets (Singapore-Tokyo’s Haneda Airport) for a trip from Dec 1-7 cost from $1,052.50 on Singapore Airlines.

More info and latest updates for Japan here.

HONG KONG: (Sort of) Reopening Sep 26

Covid-19 tests:

  • ART within 24 hours of departure (self-administered tests allowed).
  • PCR test on arrival at HK airport. No need to wait for test results at airport.
  • Self-administered ARTs on Days 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 (arrival day is Day 0).
  • PCR tests on Days 2, 4, 6.

Vaccinations: Travellers must be fully vaxxed (HK residents exempted), defined as:

  • (Sep 30 to Nov 29, 2022) People aged 12 and above must have received a 2nd dose up to five months ago; 3rd dose required if more than 5 months have passed since 2nd dose. Those aged 5 to 11 must have received a 1st dose no more than three months ago, or a 2nd dose if more than 3 months have passed since 1st dose.
  • (From Nov 30, 2022) Those aged 12 and above must have a 3rd dose, while kids aged 5 to 11 must have received a 2nd dose.

Visas: Visa waiver scheme reinstated fully for eligible countries, including Singapore.
Quarantine: No quarantine required, but travellers will be issued Amber code for first three days under the Vaccine Pass, which prevents them from visiting dining and entertainment venues and other high-risk premises with mask-off activities (full list here). A further four-day self-monitoring period follows if they test negative.
Masks: Required, except when eating/drinking or exercising outdoors.
Others: Travellers must complete a health and quarantine declaration form prior to arrival, and include vaccination status and PDT results. Download the Leave Home Safe app for the Vaccine Pass.
Airfares: At press time, return tickets for a trip from Dec 1-7 cost from $636 on Singapore Airlines.

More info and latest updates for Hong Kong here.

Photos: Unsplash/Bas Glaap, Jezael Melgoza, Tomas Malik, Andres Garcia

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