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Jaycee Chan Attends Funeral Of Filmmaker Li Hsing On Behalf Of His Mum Lin Fengjiao & Dad Jackie Chan

Jaycee said his mum was devastated by the death of Li Hsing, who was “like a teacher and a loving father” to her.

Jaycee said his mum was devastated by the death of Li Hsing, who was “like a teacher and a loving father” to her.

Jaycee said his mum was devastated by the death of Li Hsing, who was “like a teacher and a loving father” to her.

Legendary Taiwanese filmmaker Li Hsing passed away on August 19 from heart failure. The director, who was known as the godfather of Taiwanese cinema, was 91 at the time of his death.

Among the many celebrities and industry insiders who paid their finals respects at Li Hsing’s funeral is Jaycee Chan, the 38-year-old son of action superstar Jackie Chan and '70s screen goddess Lin Fengjiao.

Jackie and Fengjiao could not make the trip to Taiwan from Hongkong because of COVID-19 restrictions and so Jaycee attended the funeral on their behalf.

1 of 4 Jackie Chan and Li Hsing

On August 20, Jackie paid tribute to Li Hsing on Weibo.

“Director Li Hsing is gone… I was reminded of many past events, grateful for the help and support you gave your juniors, your contribution towards the exchange of Chinese films. As your juniors, we’ll continue to work hard, and make Chinese cinema even better. Missing you,” he wrote .

2 of 4 Li Hsing (far left) directed Fengjiao and Taiwanese matinee idol Chin Han in Love Rings a Bell

Speaking to the media, Jaycee revealed that Fengjiao was very affected by the news of Li Hsing’s passing.

“I rarely see my mum so sad and hurt, this is the first time I’ve felt that there was someone that’s more important than I am [to her]. To my mum, director Li Hsing was just like a teacher, and a loving father,” he said.

Li Hsing was instrumental in shaping Fengjiao’s career as an actress. He directed her in the 1979 film The Story Of A Small Town, which won Fengjiao Best Actress at Golden Horse Awards. The duo also worked together on films like He Never Gives Up, Good Morning, Taipei, and Love Rings a Bell.

3 of 4 Jaycee paying his respects to Li Hsing

He also revealed that Fengjiao was devastated after she found out about Li Hsing’s passing, and she couldn’t bear to read reports about his death.

“I’ve always wanted to do something for my mum, so I decided to come and pay my respects, and offer some incense to [Li Hsing],” Jaycee added. He also shared that Fengjiao, who retired from acting after marrying Jackie in the early 80s, rarely talked about her illustrious film career.

“When I return home, I would want to rewatch the movies my mum and director Li Hsing worked together on, so as to better experience the love director Li Hsing had for filmmaking, as well as his contributions to the industry,” Jaycee said.

4 of 4 Fengjiao with Kenny Bee in The Story Of A Small Town

Photos: Jackie Chan/Weibo, PBE Media, 林鳳嬌是我女神/Weibo

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