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Jernelle Oh Praised For Her Touching Portrayal Of A Delivery Person With Disability In New Mediacorp Drama

The 29-year-old actress' performance in Cash On Delivery will make you tear.

In new Mediacorp drama Cash On Delivery, Jernelle Oh plays Huang Meizhen, a kind-hearted and optimistic food delivery person who suffers from cerebral palsy.

Given the sensitivities involved with playing a character with a disability, it was definitely not an easy role for the 29-year-old actress (and relative newcomer) to take on.

But the Star Awards 2023 Best Rising Star nominee has definitely stepped up, or should we say delivered (geddit?), judging from the comments online. 

On the day of the drama's premiere (May 29), Jernelle shared a post on Instagram to introduce everyone to her character.

Her post was soon flooded with compliments from followers who've already caught all 10 episodes on meWATCH.

Many praised Jernelle for her "touching" and "truthful" performance of a woman with cerebral palsy.

One scene, in particular, sees a wheelchair-bound tissue paper seller getting criticised by two Karens in a hawker centre. Jernelle's Meizhen overhears their conversation and she beckons him over to buy tissue and to offer him some encouragement. 

Another scene sees her getting picked on by a fellow delivery person, who berates her for inconveniencing others. He then throws Meizhen's food order on the ground. Even though she gets injured picking up the food, she doesn't feel sorry for herself. She asks for a replacement order and goes about doing her job. 

No wonder one netizen said she "started crying the moment [Meizhen] appears [on screen]!"

So guys, make sure you have your tissues ready when you watch Cash On Delivery, okay?

Photos: Jernelle Oh/Instagram

You can catch Cash On Delivery on weekdays, 9pm, on Ch8 or on meWATCH below:

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