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Lai Lok Yi Reveals He Had A Crush On Nancy Wu; Still Keeps A Voice Recording From The Actress

What would Lok Yi’s wife say about that?

Recently, TVB stars Lai Lok Yi, 42, and Nancy Wu, 41, attended the company's Long Service Award Ceremony where they both received recognition for having served the broadcaster for 20 years.

At the event, Lok Yi revealed that he attended the same artiste training class as Nancy.

"Many people were shocked when they heard it, because Nancy maintained herself really well and looks like she's only been in showbiz for a few years," he said.

More importantly, Lok Yi took this chance to confess that he actually had a crush on Nancy back in the day.

Lok Yi had a crush on Nancy

Though they were from the same batch, Nancy's career took off way before Lok Yi's.

The examination for the acting class, recalled Nancy, required the both of them to act in a period drama. Nancy passed, obviously.

As for Lok Yi... "I probably didn't get good grades, because Nancy got a role immediately after, but I was just hanging around for many years," he joked.

That turned out to be the reason Lok Yi never acted on his feelings for Nancy.

"I kept it in a very deep spot in my heart, and never talked about it," he admitted.

The actor shared that he didn't have a career at that time, and so he had no guts to court his "goddess", ultimately missing the chance of getting together with her. He also added that timing is very important. 

Nancy's still very important to Lok Yi, okay?

Lok Yi, who is now one of TVB's most popular actors, is married to former Miss Hongkong contestant Nicole Lee, 39.

Yet, he still keeps Nancy very close to his heart.

In fact, he saved the voice recording Nancy sent him a while ago.

According to Nancy, when she was a guest on Lok Yi's cooking show Tonight’s Dinner Guest, she was pleasantly surprised by the actor's ability to cook and was glad to see him put it to good use for work. 

Nancy then recorded some words of encouragement for Lok Yi before sending it to him.

And how did Lok Yi feel about the sweet gesture?

He said he was really surprised, and that he "kept the recording and would find a chance to play it on the show in the future."

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Catch Nancy in TVB drama No Regrets on meWATCH below:

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