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Liu Yifei, 35, Accidentally Turns Off Beauty Filter During Live Stream; Proves She Didn't Need It In The First Place

Netizens say they now know the difference between a celebrity and an influencer. 

As we all know, live streamers often use beauty filters to make themselves look better during their broadcasts.

There's no shame to it, we all need them. Well, unless you're Chinese actress Liu Yifei

Recently, the 35-year-old actress went on live stream to catch up with her fans. However, Yifei, who wasn't wearing make-up at that time, accidentally turned off her beauty filter. She then told her fans that she didn't know how to turn it back on, and asked them to "bear with it a little."

But trust us, there's nothing to "bear with" at all.

Did she even need a filter in the first place?

Apparently, when netizens heard that Yifei wasn't wearing make-up, many flocked to the stream catch a glimpse of what she looks like.

And the verdict? She needs no filter. 

"[She's] too pretty, is the beauty filter switched off already?," asked one netizen.

"Only Liu Yifei can go on live stream without a beauty filter," said another.  

Some netizens also said that they now know the difference between a celeb and an influencer, as influencers probably won't look as good without some extra help.

Photos: chinapress

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