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These Pretty Jewellery Pieces Can Help Level Up Your Life — Here’s A Crash Course On The Art Of Crystal Healing

WFH problems? Pandemic anxiety? Relationship issues? Misbehaving kids? Healing crystals can help, says the lady boss of homegrown brand Covet Crystals Jewelry.

When the age-old practice of crystal healing and chic fashion jewellery collide, magic can happen. Shu, the designer and owner of local label Covet Crystals Jewelry, has seen it multiple times. Her own powerful experience with crystal healing started when she was looking for a way manage her depression and grief from losing her mother to cancer a few years ago, when she was five months pregnant with her first child. She wore a lot of Root Chakra stones, which aid in relieving stress, anxiety and over-thinking. It helped her so much, she felt it had to be shared. Using high quality natural crystals and gemstones sourced globally (and sometimes from outer space — more on that later), along with a large dollop of style, she crafted wearable art with crystals brimming with positive energy, and has since built a loyal and stylish fanbase of believers. asks Shu to unpack and explain crystals, healing and jewellery. Here’s what you need to know.

#1: Yes, crystal healing can help during turbulent times like a pandemic.
Says Shu: “Crystal wearing can be useful during times like these as they have wonderful healing abilities for the mind and soul. They are especially helpful during difficult times to transform negative energy and promote emotional and spiritual healing.

Dark coloured stones such as Black Tourmaline and Black Onyx, as seen in this bracelet, can help with anxiety and stress during difficult times. This piece is $409. There are simpler pieces in CCJ that start from $100.

#2: If you’re anxious about Covid-19 and the uncertainty brought on by the pandemic, try dark coloured stones.
“Anxiety is usually a result of an imbalance in the Root Chakra. Crystals used in balancing the Root Chakra energy, to relieve stress or anxiety, are usually dark coloured stones, and the popular ones are Black Tourmaline, Black Onyx and Obsidian crystals.”

#3: Here’s something for parents who have to deal with the stress of working from home and difficult kids.
“I’ve had many clients reach out to me during this period, wishing to know what stones would be suitable to aid them in being more adaptable to this sudden change of circumstances. Most of them are mothers. They seek to find more patience and understanding towards their children and spouses, while juggling their work at the same time, within the same living space. I recommended blue stones as it helps to balance the Throat Chakra which governs communication, inner wisdom and patience. Communication is not only about speaking but also listening. Popular blue stones are Blue Lace Agate, Aquamarine & Lapis Lazuli. To calm kids down, my mummy clients prefer to get crystals to place in the kids’ rooms. The most popular crystal for kids is Howlite. It’s often used to manage anger, frustration and foster better sleep. The most popular Howlite crystals are our carved owls. These can be placed almost anywhere in children’s bedrooms to promote the feeling of rest.”

Lapis Lazuli is great for improving communication (for those tense WFH moments) and for work and career success.

Covet Crystals Jewelry's Howlite owl is popular with mums who want to help their kids manage anger and frustration and promote better sleep.
#4: Crystals can also help you be more mindful.
“When it comes to having a ‘mindful life’, from our understanding and experience, this means to be spiritual or be more aware of specific beliefs and thoughts. This sector is governed by the Crown Chakra which is described as a connection with one’s consciousness and a universal energy. When one’s Crown Chakra is open and balanced, this can allow one to be more spiritual. Being spiritual can be a beneficial trait as we become aware that there is something bigger than us and our issues. Such thoughts are said to bring on positive emotions of contention and gratitude. Stones associated with opening the Crown Chakra are typically white or violet stones. Popular stones are Clear Quartz, Amethyst and Meteorite gemstones.”

It's all about the mindful life these days and jewellery containing Meteorite gemstones, which are crafted from debris from outer space, is said to be brimming with high energy that can facilitate inner vision and transformation, increase vitality, manifest dreams and repel negative energy. Meteorite bracelets at CCJ start from $629.

#5: For success in work, career, business and general huatness, try these.
“For work and career, there is one crystal which instantly comes to mind — Lapis Lazuli. This crystal is frequently used to enhance inner wisdom, attract work luck and build meaningful friendships. Clients have feedbacked that wearing our Lapis Lazuli jewellery helped them breeze through interviews and clinch jobs. For a more huat business, Citrine and Rutilated Gold Quartz gemstones are highly sought after and prized by business owners as they are popular gemstones recommended by many Feng Shui masters to attract wealth and prosperity. These stones are also revered in the gemstone world as they look stunning and are hard to acquire naturally. Here at Covet Crystals Jewelry, I only work with natural stones. It is said for crystals to work their optimal magic, they should be all natural and beautiful.”

Natural citrine, like the ones used by CCJ, as opposed to man-made ones, are popular gemstones for attracting wealth and prosperity.
#6: Crystals can maybe help you find love, too.
The two most popular stones used to attract love and relationships are Rose Quartz and Rhodochrosite crystals. I have read and personally experienced that wearing such stones can allow one’s aura to emit a more friendly energy or vibe which others can feel. Such positive and warm energy can result in others being be more receptive to new friendships or budding romances. Our CCJ jewellery that contain Rose Quartz gemstones tend to be bestsellers as pink is also a very popular colour. I use mostly Madagascar Rose Quartz, which is famous for its deep pink, rosy hues.”

Rose Quartz pieces are hotsellers on CCJ cos of their sweet hue and ability to help the wearer emit a warm and friendly energy, which can improve relationships.

More muted colours for the guys, who can also enjoy crystal healing jewellery.
#7: And they can help promote better health.
“Most crystals are believed to have their own health benefits. Carnelian aids in a more efficient digestive system, Phosphosiderite can stimulate better hair and skin growth, and Bloodstone can strengthen the immune system and encourage better detoxification. But in general, green stones are most often associated with good health like promoting better cellular growth, giving anti-stress benefits and increasing the healing of the physical body. Popular green stones for health are Bloodstone, Green Aventurine, Jade and Malachite.”

Jewellery pieces containing jade are good for promoting good health. And they're so pretty, too.
#8: Crystal healing is related to vibrations and frequencies.
“We all learned in science class that atoms vibrate. Due to the different molecular structure of the minerals, each mineral produces different vibrations and frequencies which sync with our different chakra points and this can influence our emotional and physical beings.”

#9: So here’s how you get a piece of crystal jewellery that works for you.
“I personally believe in having affinity with the crystals I choose. We believe in the school of thought that crystals actually choose us, and not the other way around. When a new client is unsure of which CCJ piece to start on her journey, I would suggest to them to listen to their inner wisdom. This means to shortlist three to five pieces which attract them the most. Then we will have a chat about their concerns and I will be able to point out the most suitable piece for them. They can also choose to take the Chakra Test available on our online boutique so I can assess their chakra scores which can lead to a better understanding of what they require.”

Crystal jewellery artist Shu, founder of Covet Crystals Jewelry, believes in premium crystal healing jewellery fused with artistry and fashion, and takes pride in painstakingly designing and handcrafting each piece.

#10: Crystals are most useful in helping folks manage their emotions.
“The most common benefit shared amongst my customers and myself is the management of emotional instability. When my mother passed away, I wore a lot of Root Chakra stones which aid in relieving stress and anxiety. My customers have also experienced the same benefits when they wore Root Chakra stones to manage their depression or emotional outbursts. Being able to manage one’s emotions better is definitely a lifesaver when it comes to performing day-to-day activities.”

For those who prefer simpler, more pared down designs, these minimalist bracelets are great.
#11: Crystal healing is good. Crystal healing that also incorporates fashion? Even better.
“Aesthetics is definitely important to me, and I love fashion. I always make sure the final piece of jewellery looks visually appealing in its colour combination and design, as well as ensure the harmonious pairing of the crystals and gemstones so that they are a vibration match. So both the visual aesthetic and harmonious pairing are equally important to me and the CCJ brand.”

There are necklaces and other types of jewellery besides bracelets as well. You can also customise your jewellery according to your needs and likes.
#12: Even if you don’t believe in crystals, they can work for you.
“A good percentage of our clients started shopping with us because they love our designs and quality, and wore CCJ jewellery with the intention of upping their #OOTD game. But once they started wearing crystal jewellery, the feedback is that they could feel a difference in their demeanour. They felt happier, less stressed and somehow, life started to go more smoothly for them. From there, these non-crystal healing believer clients became converts, and now shop for crystal jewellery with more intention towards their feelings and goals. Based on what our clients have experienced, I’d say the power of crystals can work its magic whether one started out as a believer or not.”

Covet Crystals Jewelry available is at

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