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Uniqlo X KAWS Is Back, And This Time They Have Tote Bags

Kaws: Summer drops in Singapore on June 3.

Kaws: Summer drops in Singapore on June 3.

Kaws: Summer drops in Singapore on June 3.

The first two Uniqlo KAWS x Sesame Street UT collections incited frenzy and sold like hotcakes, but the third Uniqlo and KAWS collab seems to have thrown Elmo, Big Bird and gang out of the mix. We still spy a character that looks a bit like Cookie Monster (it's actually the KAWS BFF), so we guess the Sesame Street crew's influence still lingers, sorta. This latest 21-item collection of adult and kid UTs is all about KAWS: SUMMER, a career-spanning collection to showcase the influential contemporary artist’s work. The designs are a curated selection from the wide range of sculptures and artworks which span Kaws' lauded career. Of course, his beloved COMPANION and BFF characters make appearances. The collection drops June 3 at Uniqlo stores and at midnight on June 3 on Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

1 of 17 KAWS: Summer is here...

The collection celebrates KAWS' greatest works and his most beloved characters.

2 of 17 Adult UT, $19.90

Are we human, or are we Kaws?

3 of 17 Kinda disturbing and cool, in the way only KAWS can make us feel.

Who died?

4 of 17 We heart pink KAWS BFF

All the ladies will want this one.

5 of 17 Papa KAWS?

When your kids are screaming in the movie theatre and you have to cart them out.

6 of 17 Subtle KAWS

Eye see you.

7 of 17 Graffiti KAWS

Street vibes.

8 of 17 Cute?

Grey Companion with pink BFF on pink tee = edgy cute.

9 of 17 Pocket this tee immediately

Will this collection fly off the shelves?

  • 10 of 17 Tote bag, $19.90

    Tote your Companion and BFF around.

  • 11 of 17 Down and out

    Saddest tote bag ever.

  • 12 of 17 Come I clap for you

    Love this one.

  • 13 of 17 Ded.

    For Mondays.

  • 14 of 17 Kids UT, $14.90

    No, it's not Elmo.

  • 15 of 17 No, it's not Cookie Monster.

    It's your other BFF.

  • 16 of 17 This one is kinda sweet.

    Get this one for kids and friends' kids.

  • 17 of 17 Pocket cutie

    It's not scary dead eyes, it's cool and cute.

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