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3 Ways To Avoid Lipstick Stains On Your Mask

Tried and tested ways to keep your mask lipstick stain-free.

It may be a frivolous concern in the grand scheme of things, but a lipstick stain that’s hard to wash off on your favourite reusable mask is rather annoying. Just don’t wear lipstick lah, we hear you say, but for those of us for whom lipstick is life, it’s not an option. True that not many people will see it, but you will have to unveil for meals or photos. What’s a lipstick lover to do?

To be honest, preventing lipstick transfer onto masks is definitely easier than trying to keep your lip colour on after a meal. Most lipsticks won’t survive an oily meal, but with the right moves, they won’t rub onto your mask.

Here are three ways.

#1: Use a long-lasting lipstick. Matte lip stains would stay on longer.

This one is obvious. Basically, banish your glosses and creamier lip formulas for now, as those will be the first to rub off on face masks. Matte lip stains are the best, and some will adhere to your lips like glue and not budge all day — oily food, abrasive face masks and pandemic be darned.

Here are four we swear by.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick, $34There’s a reason this lippie is on every long-lasting lipstick list. Once you put it on and it dries, it is not going anywhere. Can be a little drying, but the colour payoff is amazing. From Sephora.
Shu Uemura Matte Supreme, $35.80This one’s a little hard to find now, but we swear by it for its colour payoff, non-drying formula and how it dries into a stay-fast matte finish that will survive lunch, tea time and masks. From Shopee.
Nudestix Magnetic Matte Lip Color, $42This one is really sorcery. It’s a pencil that delivers colour so sticky, it never leaves your lips, even if you rub it. It’s kinda drying, but hey, zero transfer onto mask. From Sephora.
YSL Beaute Rouge Pur Couture The Slim matte lipstick, $54Deserves special mention for being a lipstick, and not a lip stain, that will stand the test of time, meals and mask. Blot it a couple of times for colour that won’t transfer. From Tangs.#2: Use these tricks to make your lippie stay on longer. - Instead of applying the lipstick straight from the bullet, dab it on with your finger. This will blend the colour into your lips and ensure much less transfer.- After applying the lipstick, blot twice or until no more colour transfers onto the tissue. With high pigment and high quality lipsticks, the colour will still be nice and bright. For further insurance, press in the colour with your finger or a cotton bud. Confirm plus chop won’t smudge. Unless your mask is super tight and rubbing non-stop onto your lips.- Dust a light layer of face powder over your lips after applying lippie.

This mask won't touch your lips at all. Lipstick problem solved.
We found these adult 3D masks ($49.90 for box of six; each mask can be washed 6 to 8 times) that are breathable and shaped to not touch the lips and nose area at all. We even tested it by wearing a glossy lippie out with it. Lipstick was pristine when we took the mask off. Get the masks from Two Little Feet here.

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