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Holy Cow! Will The Year Of The Metal Ox Be A Bullish One For Your Zodiac Sign?

A fengshui master tells us who’s huat and who’s not in the Niu Year, and how to make the best of the Year of the Ox.

A fengshui master tells us who’s huat and who’s not in the Niu Year, and how to make the best of the Year of the Ox.

A fengshui master tells us who’s huat and who’s not in the Niu Year, and how to make the best of the Year of the Ox.

After a ratty 2020, the Year of the Metal Ox looks poised to be an ox-spicious one for those born in the year of the Monkey, Dog, Horse or Tiger. However, if you’re an Ox, be prepared for an udderly crappy year. No bull.

“Don’t try anything that you are not confident in. The best hedge you can have against bad luck is to improve your skills, so pay attention to self-improvement, upskilling or retraining yourself,” Mark Tan, chief executive officer of the Way Fengshui Group, tells

According to Mark, we will see a slight recovery in 2021, and while it’s still expected to be a rather challenging year, teamwork will ensure everyone achieves their goals: “There are a lot of benefactor stars and that means it is very important that we come together and help one another. If you really want to get somewhere without the help of others, it will be difficult.

Read on for your zodiac animal’s ranking this year and Mark’s tips to boost your huat factor.

Happy Niu Year!

1 of 12 Rat

Overall zodiac ranking: 5th

The Good
Rats will enjoy strong interpersonal relationships and make breakthroughs in your studies and career. Take advantage of your good communication skills to expand your network and social circle. Your patience and diligence will open various opportunities for promotions and new endeavors.

The Bad
You should prioritise your health in 2021. Take more supplements to build up your immunity and take heed of respiratory issues. Go for regular health check-ups and if you are feeling unwell, remember to wear a mask and maintain good hygiene. The last thing you want is for your health issues to affect your career progression.

Auspicious colours: Black, blue, gold and white

Auspicious numbers: 1 and 9

Compatible zodiac signs: Rat and Monkey

2 of 12 Ox

Overall zodiac ranking: 12th

The Good
Without the support of lucky stars, those born in the year of the Ox are in for a daunting year. However, with challenges come opportunities, so stay motivated and persevere, and you will eventually see the fruits of your labour. Surround yourself with people from the Rat zodiac who will give you a boost. Consider taking this time to upgrade yourself and prepare for the future.

The Bad
Stress may put a strain on your health, career and relationships. Maintain a good work-life balance and avoid bringing your frustrations home. Embark on a healthy diet and exercise regimen to keep your mind off negative thoughts. That being said, don’t over exert yourself or you may end up with long-term injuries.

Auspicious colours: Black and blue

Auspicious number: 1

Compatible zodiac sign: Rat

3 of 12 Tiger

Overall zodiac ranking: 4th

The Good
You have a smooth-sailing year ahead, thanks to the presence of benefactors to lend you a helping hand. Take this opportunity to work hard, make new connections and go all out in your career — as long as you stay focused, you will perform well. Those looking to create an additional source of income can try their hand at small investments.

The Bad
While things will go well for you, stay humble, lest you become the target of jealous colleagues. Married couples should put in more effort into their relationships. Regardless of how busy you are, do not neglect your partner and be more accepting of each other’s differences to avoid conflict.

Auspicious colours: Yellow, brown, red, and orange

Auspicious numbers: 7 and 11

Compatible zodiac signs: Horse and Dog

4 of 12 Rabbit

Overall zodiac ranking: 11th

The Good
It will be a challenging year, but if you work hard and stay vigilant, you can avoid conflicts. Think twice before making big changes or agreeing to help your colleagues — not everyone is worth risking your reputation for. Instead, lay low and take this opportunity to upskill and acquire new knowledge.

The Bad
The presence of the Disaster and Misjudgment stars make you an easy target for fraud so it's best to stay away from risky investments and be cautious especially when dealing with legal and financial matters. Read documents carefully to avoid landing in hot soup or lawsuits. Obey traffic rules when driving.

Auspicious colours: Yellow, brown, and green

Auspicious numbers: 3 and 11

Compatible zodiac signs: Tiger and Dog

5 of 12 Dragon

Overall zodiac ranking: 7th

The Good
Romance is in the cards for you this year. Singles will have a good chance of finding love, while those who are in a relationship can consider taking things to the next level. You will also enjoy good interpersonal relationships. Take advantage of your popularity to network and reconnect with people. If you are arranging important meetings, schedule them in the evenings to ensure higher chances of success.

The Bad
You might find yourself in tricky situations or relationships that you have difficulty untangling yourself from. Be firm and break away from it before the problem snowballs. You should also pay special attention to your mental health. Don’t overthink things as it can cause you to lose focus or attract unwanted conflicts at work. Feeling burned out? Take a breather or request for a change in job scope or department. A new position or environment will help reignite your passion.

Auspicious colours: Green, white, and gold

Auspicious numbers: 3 and 9

Compatible zodiac signs: Tiger and Monkey

6 of 12 Snake

Overall zodiac ranking: 8th

The Good
You will enjoy good career prospects, with opportunities for a promotion, change of roles, and raise. Pick up the right skillsets required for the job so you can rise up to the challenge when the occasion calls. You may encounter some initial hiccups, but you will appreciate the changes in the long run. Academically, as long as you put in effort, you can achieve your goals.

The Bad
Though connections and relationships can help advance your career, they can also cause obstacles and losses if you are not careful. Be generous and communicative when dealing with people to prevent misunderstandings and disputes, or worse, legal trouble. Be prudent when making investments and spend your money wisely.

Auspicious colours: Red, orange, white and gold

Auspicious numbers: 7 and 9

Compatible zodiac signs: Horse and Monkey

7 of 12 Horse

Overall zodiac ranking: 3rd

The Good
After a dismal 2020, lady luck is finally shining on you. Not only will you make great strides in your career, studies, and wealth, there will also be opportunities for sideline jobs and income. Consider paying it forward and using your luck to help others, be it helping the less privileged or mentoring. Singles can expect to meet someone special, while those attached can consider settling down.

The Bad
You are prone to ailments so pay extra attention to the health of your eyes, heart, and skin. The increase in workload could lead to exhaustion or other health issues. Go for regular health checks and heed your doctor’s advice as neglecting them could affect your work performance and mood. Married Horses should be wary of temptations at work and keep clear boundaries to avoid scandals. Otherwise the efforts you put in for your career may go to waste.

Auspicious colours: Green, yellow and brown

Auspicious numbers: 3 and 11

Compatible zodiac signs: Tiger and Dog

8 of 12 Goat

Overall zodiac ranking: 10th

The Good
Goats are in for a meh and volatile year. You may suffer financially. However, if you stay focused and level-headed, you will be able to minimise your losses. Consider signing up for courses to upgrade your skills or activities that bring peace to the mind and body. Once your luck improves, you will be ready to charge onward.

The Bad
Due to your loss of luck, you should avoid risky investment and exercise caution when it comes to business collaborations. Focus on saving money by putting it in a sinking fund or buying insurance, so there will be less chances to overspend. Things are equally shaky when it comes to interpersonal relationships. You may lock horns with those around you, so it is important to have an open-minded communication. Watch out for accidents when you are out.

Auspicious colours: Red and orange

Auspicious number: 7

Compatible zodiac sign: Horse

9 of 12 Monkey

Overall zodiac ranking: 1st

The Good
Sitting at the top of the zodiac rankings this year, Monkeys can expect an ape-solutely swinging year. With the support of benefactors, not only will you shine at work and in school, you will also reap both wealth and profits. Allocate some time towards investments and go big when the opportunity arises. Your relationship luck is also nothing short of excellent. Singles should go out and mingle, while those who are attached should consider planning for the future.

The Bad
Don’t let success get to your head. Show appreciation to those who have helped you and give credit when credit is due. If the nature of your job is sedentary, be sure to watch for spine and waist problems. Move around frequently to promote blood circulation and exercise more to improve your constitution.

Auspicious colours: Blue, black, yellow, and brown

Auspicious numbers: 1 and 11

Compatible zodiac signs: Rat and Dog

10 of 12 Rooster

Overall zodiac ranking: 6th

The Good
You can expect to hit new milestones at work and see a boost in wealth luck. Give it your all when you are presented with a chance to take on more responsibility at work or in school. The more initiative you show, the brighter you will shine. If you have sufficient funds, diversify your investments or consider dabbling in real estate. You may be rewarded with unexpected monetary gains.

The Bad
You have a tendency to be indifferent when it comes to studies. Stay diligent and don’t be distracted by affairs of the heart. Avoid high-risk activities and handling sharp tools as you are prone to accidents and bleeding. If you require surgery, pick an auspicious date for the procedure. Consider donating blood to avert the bad luck.

Auspicious colours: White, gold, yellow, and brown

Auspicious numbers: 9 and 11

Compatible zodiac signs: Monkey and Dog

11 of 12 Dog

Overall zodiac ranking: 2nd

The Good
The year couldn’t be better as you will be blessed with career luck and great fortune. Don’t hesitate to take on challenges and showcase your capabilities. Your effort and abilities will be recognised by your superiors. Likewise when it comes to investment opportunities, strike while the iron is hot.

The Bad
Be impartial and mindful of your words and actions when dealing with people. Think before you speak and don’t let your emotions get the better of you. Couples should be more considerate of their significant other’s feelings to avoid conflict. Work stress could put a strain on your health. Be sure to sleep and eat well, as well as stay active to relieve stress and anxiety.

Auspicious colours: Green, red, and orange

Auspicious numbers: 3 and 7

Compatible zodiac signs: Tiger and Horse

12 of 12 Pig

Overall zodiac ranking: 9th

The Good
You have pretty decent career luck, with opportunities to embark on new endeavors. Step out of your comfort zone and embrace change, it could bring unexpected results. Those who are still studying will also be rewarded for their hard work.

The Bad
This is a turbulent year for interpersonal relationships. Singles will have difficulties meeting potential partners, while those in relationships will have to put in extra effort to maintain it. Be more tolerant and make the effort to express appreciation for one another. Your frequent restlessness and irritability could also affect your relationship with your family. If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, engage in activities like meditation or yoga to calm the mind.

Auspicious colours: Green, blue, and black

Auspicious numbers: 1 and 3

Compatible zodiac signs: Rat and Tiger

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