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These Tech Gadgets That Look Like Fashion Accessories Want To Help You Live Your Best Life

A ring, bracelet or earrings? These high-tech gadgets double up as cool jewellery.

Wearable tech is looking better and better, and with these three pieces, we can hardly tell if they’re fashion accessories or if hidden within them is high technology waiting to do more than help you look pretty.

Probably the fanciest earphones ever, from Planet Beyond.
Planet Beyond PBX01 wireless earphones, $188 and Shooting Star Décor, $108

These are either the fanciest and most extra pair of earphones we’ve seen, or the most useful earrings ever. From a company called Planet Beyond, established by a group of MIT and Harvard graduated entrepreneurs, is a series of products that melds high tech performance and high-fashion ideas. The earphones — wireless, noise-cancelling earbuds that weigh just 101 grams and are ergonomic and water-resistant, and sustainably crafted from upcycled metals — can be purchased on their own at $188, and are already pretty enough with a cool spiral shell-like metal design adorning the earbud. But to really go full-on extra, you need to get the add-on decorations (there are several designs, including the Shooting Stars, Constellations and Leaves designs, which are all also made from recycled metals), which attach to the earbud and elevate your gadget from cool to uber stylish. Who needs ear cuffs when you’re wearing these babies?

Elevate your earphones to the height of style, anyone?

This cool gadget whose design is inspired by a leaf was created specially for women.
Bellabeat Leaf Urban Wellness Tracker, $111

A screen-free tracker developed to work for women’s bodies, sitting pretty on the wrist while it syncs with your smartphone to track sleep patterns, your activity level (such as steps taken), mindfulness (it reminds you to take breathing and meditation breaks), your stress level and hormonal cycles and reproductive health. It’s water-resistant, shower-safe and can be worn as a bracelet, necklace or clip. An awesome piece of wearable tech if you want to get to know your body better and take control of the minute details of your well-being.

From here and here.

Not just a fashion accessory.
Oura ring, US$39 (S$530)

A pretty penny, that’s for sure. But it’s not just a pretty ring. This tiny doodad, like any good health tracker, monitors sleep patterns and helps you optimise your sleep, and wants to give you the info you need to live your best life. You’re supposed to wear it 24/7 (yes it’s water-resistant and also hand sanitizer-proof) to get the most accurate data and insights, and connects with an app to give you deets about your heart rate, body temperature, and activity, via sensors that measures blood pulse volume in your finger. From there, you can get info about how ready your body is to tackle physical and mental challenges, things like sleep efficiency, and your daily activity.


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