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Mimi Chu Called “Ungrateful” After She Complained About TVB Never Giving Her Enough Opportunities For The Past 30 Years

The 67-year-old Ipoh native, who was recently given a TVB long service award, says her achievements in showbiz are thanks to her singing, and not her roles in TVB dramas.

TVB recently gave veteran actress Mimi Chu, 67, a long service award to commemorate her three decades with the broadcaster.

However, according to Hongkong media, when Mimi first found out that TVB was recognising her contributions to the company, she was less than enthusiastic about the accolade and even went onto lament how “TVB has never prioritised” her and that her “success is not thanks to TVB”.

Mimi, who is from Ipoh, started her career as a getai singer when she was 13. She went to Hongkong in the ‘70s and started performing at nightclubs there. She was later signed by Warner Records as a singer, and was even called the ‘Queen Of Cantonese Folk Songs’.


    Mimi in her younger days

    Mimi in her younger days

    Even though Mimi had already built a name for herself — she used to perform at sold-out concerts at the iconic Hongkong Coliseum — when she became a TVB artiste in 1990, she was relegated to playing only supporting roles, and would go on to play second fiddle in over 80 dramas.

    Last year, while promoting Armed Reaction 2021, Mimi revealed that her salary for the project wasn’t even enough to cover her transport costs.

    She would go on to complain about her employers, saying: “TVB has never let me host a music variety show. I don't need to be the main host — I wouldn't mind just being the supporting co-host — but I’ve never been given such an opportunity. Perhaps it’s because I signed a long contract with them; I’ve been them for 30 years after all," sighed Mimi, who added that “the achievements that [she has] today are from [her] singing, not from acting in TVB’s dramas.”

    Mimi performing at one of her concerts

    Mimi performing at one of her concerts

    Netizens have since slammed the actress for being “ungrateful”.

    One netizen said that when Mimi joined TVB, she was already 37, and so she “should not have expected to be cast as the lead because she was past the right age by then”.... which is a really ageist thing to say.

    Netizens also added that Mimi should have “aired her grievances to the bosses years ago” rather than to wait till now to complain.

    Photos: PBE Media

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