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M'sian actor claims most women become arrogant when they work and earn money

Um, what century is he from?

Malaysian actor Rosyam Nor has found himself in the spotlight after sharing his controversial views on working women in a TikTok video.

In a podcast titled "Should Women Stay at Home or Work?", the 56-year-old shared with the female host that he is against women working ‘cos “when women start working and have money, they become arrogant”.

He emphasised that not all women are like this, but the majority. 

“Their attitudes change. They will speak loudly, express dissatisfaction with their husbands [when it comes to things like] doing housework or taking care of the children, and demand that both parties share the responsibilities,” he said.

The host remarked that this is "a matter of give and take" and should not be an issue.

Women also start to look down on their partners, he says 

Another issue Rosyam has with women when they are financially capable is they start to dress up.

"When they have money, they dress well, look attractive, some may look down on their partners and wonder why they got married in the first place," he claimed.

"She may also find other men more attractive, or appreciate her more, and that's how marriages tend to fall apart. All of this happens because women go out to work and start to earn money."

In response, the host pointed out that most couples have to work to support the family, unless the husband is capable of fully providing for the household.

And while Rosyam agreed, acknowledging that working women do contribute to the family financially, he said some don't have the habit of saving.

"They work just to earn money to satisfy their own wants," he claimed.

Reactions to his controversial remarks have been mixed.

Many netizens, particularly women, agreed with Rosyam's views, while some argued that there needs to be a lot of give-and-take between married couples.

"The family belongs to both parties, everyone has to work, and household chores should be shared equally,” commented one netizen.

Photos: Suhanmovies/TikTok

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