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"Next Time I Should Just Scalp My Own Concert Tickets," Says Eason Chan After Learning A Fan Spent S$1.6K To Watch His Show

Easy money, right?

Those who've tried buying tickets for a concert would know how competitive it can get, especially if your idol is crazy popular.

It's why fans sometimes have to resort to spending exorbitant amounts to purchase tickets from scalpers.

Well, Hong Kong singer Eason Chan, 48, had absolutely no clue about that.

During his recent Fear And Dreams World Tour, which was held at the Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Arena, Eason asked his fans how much they forked out to be at his concert. 

"Everyone paid 980 [yuan] (S$191), 1100 [yuan] (S$214)!," he said after hearing their responses.

A fan then shouted: "8000 yuan (S$1600)!"

That led a very shocked Eason to exclaim: "8000 yuan?!"

Yes, that's almost eight times the original price.

His expression is gold

Unable to hide the astonishment on his face, the flabbergasted star then joked: "Next time I should just scalp my own tickets! Wow, I'm gonna strike gold! How can this be?"

Imagine if he found out a university student got scammed HK$240K (S$4.2K) when buying tickets to his Hong Kong concert last year.

Video: am04.00go/Instagram
Photos:, am04.00go/Instagram

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