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Patricia Mok Got Into A Collision With A Cyclist; Says She Avoided Serious Injury ’Cos Of Her “Years Of Doing Stunts For Charity Shows”

Pat, who “flew off” her bike from the impact, also called out the cyclist for being “defensive and ungentlemanly.

Pat, who “flew off” her bike from the impact, also called out the cyclist for being “defensive  and ungentlemanly.

Pat, who “flew off” her bike from the impact, also called out the cyclist for being “defensive and ungentlemanly.

On Nov 25, Patricia Mok, 50, went on Instagram Live to share her thoughts on a minor collision she got into the night before while cycling.

According to Pat, the only injury she suffered was to her little finger, which became swollen and slightly bruised. She later shared that the injury was less severe since she was wearing gloves during her ride.

But her main gripe about the entire ordeal was not the injury she suffered. Rather, it was the “defensive and ungentlemanly behaviour of the cyclist she had collided with.

1 of 3 She's no beginner to cycling

She revealed that she went cycling at around 8:30pm that night with a friend. Since the floor was very wet, and there weren’t many cyclists around, they decided to cycle side-by-side.

Then, in the distance, Patricia and her friend saw a cyclist coming towards them from the opposite direction. Patricia said that she wanted to move in to avoid the bike, but the bike reached them before she could do so.

As a result, the handlebar of the other cyclist’s bike collided with her hand, causing her to “fly off her bike.

“Luckily, due to my years of doing stunts for charity shows, I know how to ‘fly' off and fall properly [to avoid injury]. In Comedy Nite, I had to fall multiple times too, so I learnt how to do so, and even fell very prettily, okay!” she recounted.

Immediately after falling, Pat turned around to let the other cyclist know that he’d knocked into her. However, his response left much to be desired.

2 of 3 Pat illustrating just how much of the other cyclist's handlebars hit her bike

I’m not blaming him, I was just telling him that he knocked into somebody, and he has to be careful ‘cos his handlebars slammed into me. But he got so defensive. My tone wasn’t very fierce either, I only told him that he slammed into me,” she said.

He replied that he has the right of way, but does that mean he can just knock into people ‘cos of that?” she went on to say.

She also revealed that the handlebars of the other cyclist’s bike was way too long, and when she told him about it, he snippily explained that he was riding “a mountain bike”.

3 of 3 Stay safe, everyone!

“He's really not a gentleman,” Pat said, adding that he showed zero concern for her, and just rode off after exchanging a few words with Pat and her friend.

“As someone who knocked into other people, at least stop and ask if they are okay. I’m not asking you to admit fault or blaming you. Sometimes when cycling, accidents do happen. Maybe he felt that I was in the wrong since maybe he thought that I should’ve [moved off to avoid] him earlier,” she said.

Pat then ended things off by reminding everyone to bring a first aid kit with them whenever they cycle or rollerblade outside.

Photos: Patricia Mok/Instagram

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