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Rain To Take Legal Action Against YouTuber Who Called Him “Stingy” In Video

Netizens think that the celeb, who’s reportedly worth S$74.1mil, is overreacting.

On Jan 13, a South Korean YouTuber and former entertainment reporter, Lee Jin Ho, posted a new video on his YouTube channel, accusing Korean popstar Rain, 39, of being a penny-pincher.

Rain, who’s been in the industry for over 20 years, is said to have a personal net-worth of US$55mil (S$74.1 mil).

The popstar and his actress wife, Kim Tae Hee, 41, were previously reported to be the richest celeb real estate moguls in South Korea with a combined portfolio of S$98mil of properties.

However, according to Jin Ho, Rain is known for being "stingy".

    Kim Tae Woo (left) and Rain

    Kim Tae Woo (left) and Rain

    According to Jin Ho, Korean singer Kim Tae Woo, 40, once revealed on a show that he met up with Rain for a meal in 2009. At that time, Tae Woo was serving his mandatory military service, and was only drawing a meagre salary as a soldier.

    During their meeting, Rain, who was earning 10 times of what Tae Woo was bringing home monthly, did not offer to pay for the meal. Rather, it was Tae Woo who settled the bill.

    Jin Ho also shared a couple of stories from staff members who’d worked with Rain previously. According to them, they also had the impression that Rain was a bit of a cheapskate.

    While the star treated everyone to meals quite often, there was just one drawback: if was any food left unfinished, Rain would “keep nagging” at everyone about the leftovers.

    On Jan 14, Rain’s agency, Sublime Artist Agency released a statement, reiterating that the videos were "based on completely false information", adding that they intend to take legal action against Jin Ho for spreading fake news and for harming the reputation of their artiste.

    Well... it's not nice to waste food, right?

    Well... it's not nice to waste food, right?

    While some netizens were pleased to see Rain’s agency taking such quick action against the rumours, some also felt that the agency was overreacting with their heavy-handed response.

    "Both sides are foolish. One side for lying, starting rumors over buying food, and the other side for suing over that,” one netizen wrote.

    Another netizen commented: "It’s annoying to be called stingy, but it’s pretty small-minded of him to be suing them for it,” with other netizens agreeing and asking: “Is it really necessary to do this?”

    Photos: Rain/Instagram, Kim Tae Woo/Instagram

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