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Foodie Friday: What The Stars Ate For Their “Last Meal” Out Before Return To P2HA

From beef don to comforting fishball noodles, here’s what the celebs had before the dine-in ban kicked in again.

From beef don to comforting fishball noodles, here’s what the celebs had before the dine-in ban kicked in again.

From beef don to comforting fishball noodles, here’s what the celebs had before the dine-in ban kicked in again.

This week, celebs made a beeline for their go-to restaurants to savour their fave foods before Singapore moved back to Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) on July 22 amid the spike in COVID-19 cases. Desmond Tan indulged in his favourite wagyu don, the Muttons opted for a meaty affair as a last hurrah, Noah Yap sobbed his way through his hotpot dinner, and Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu enjoyed a dim sum brunch during their staycation. Read on for more.

1 of 23 Vernon A and Justin Ang

What they ate: Pork rib sandwich

Yummy factor: The Muttons made their “last meal” — before P2HA, that is — count by indulging in burger joint Fat Boys’ BBQ pork rib sandwich and sharing a fried chicken cutlet between them. If there’s one thing that’ll lift their spirits these days, it’s probably slow-cooked, grilled pork ribs served with sautéed onions and mustard.

2 of 23 Chen Xiuhuan

What she ate: Fishball noodles

Yummy factor: While Xiuhuan can probably whip up a bowl of fishball noodles easily, she still made a trip down to Song Kee’s for her favourite rendition, which comes with ingredients like their popular handmade herh keow (fish dumpling), stuffed taupok, fish rolls and more. Well, at least she’ll still be able to tapow the noodles in the next couple of weeks.

3 of 23 Qi Yuwu and Joanne Peh

What they ate: Dim sum

Yummy factor: Over the past week, the couple has been busy spending time with their children and having fun while on staycation at Marina Bay Sands. Apart from dining in their hotel room, the family also enjoyed a hearty dim sum brunch at Mott 32 where they had what looks like wagyu beef puff, siew mai and xiao long bao.

4 of 23 Desmond Tan

What he ate: Beef bowl

Yummy factor: For Desmond, devouring a bowl of his fave wagyu donburi — with perfectly seared beef slices and a wobbly onsen egg — from Fat Cow was a must before the dine-in ban kicked in. Plus, a scoop of yuzu ice-cream for dessert after.

5 of 23 Noah Yap

What he ate: Hotpot at Haidilao

Yummy factor: While takeaway options are still available during P2HA, Noah won’t be able to have his go-to Haidilao hotpot sesh for a while. Safe to say, he probably experienced a mixed pot of feelings as he swished his meat and fish slices in the bubbling broth in his last hotpot sesh for now.

6 of 23 Lee Teng

What he ate: Wobbly pancakes

Yummy factor: From Gram Pancakes’ signatures to the limited-edition Hershey’s lava choc soufflé pancakes (check out that lava chocolate oozing out) and a Lotus biscoff version with strawberries, Lee Teng and his wife Gina Lin probably had a sugar high after all that wobbly goodness.

7 of 23 Pierre Png and Andrea De Cruz

What he ate: Mookata

Yummy factor: Both Pierre and Andrea had a sizzling night out having mookata over at Mooks, where they both grilled meats and seafood to their hearts’ content. The highlight of their evening, however, was possibly something a lot simpler — instant noodles stir-fried with eggs and soaking up all the essence from the pan.

8 of 23 Hazelle Teo and Zhu Zeliang

What they ate: Fusion rice bowls

Yummy factor: A day before the latest dining restrictions and work from home measures kicked in, the YES 933 radio jocks managed to grab colourful rice bowls together at Bowl Chap after their respective workout sessions. Considering the energy they both expended, Hazel and Zeliang definitely needed a protein-rich dinner to tide them through their late-night work shift.

9 of 23 Stephanie Sun

What she ate: Wanton noodles

Yummy factor: While the noodles look a little pale and bland (where's the chilli?), Stefanie looks absolutely delighted to be digging in to her hearty bowl of wanton noodles with perfectly-charred char siew and plump dumplings on the side. Talk about starting her day on the right note.

10 of 23 Xiang Yun, Edmund Chen, Chen Yixi and Yixin

What they ate: Hotpot

Yummy factor: Anyone else dunks fried beancurd rolls or fried fish skin into their hotpot broth to soak up the goodness? Along with Yixin's boyfriend, actor Gavin Teo, the Chen family got to enjoy their first meal out together as a family since Yixin returned from her overseas stint. Plus: Everyone had their own personal hotpot, which meant they could all choose their preferred broth.

11 of 23 Yvonne Lim

What she ate: Chicken curry

Yummy factor: Even though Yvonne is currently based in Taiwan with her family, she makes it a point to introduce her kids to Singapore’s most-loved dishes. With Hari Raya Haji in mind this time, she made a rich chicken curry (she managed to find dried bay leaves!) to go with homemade garlic naan — a most delicious way to teach AJ and Alexa about the occasion.

12 of 23 Sheila Sim

​​​​​​​What she ate: Putien signatures

Yummy factor: Sheila’s such a fan of Putien, she can immediately recognise their chilli sauce anywhere. Well, seeing how hungry she was, Sheila must have polished off her bowl of Fujian red mushroom seafood lor mee along with the bamboo clam and braised pig intestines.

13 of 23 You Yi

​​​​​​​What she ate: Chicken fricassée

Yummy factor: You Yi caught up with a close friend at Parisian-style cafe Simplicité by Fresh Fruits Lab, where she indulged in tender grilled chicken flavoured with garlic, onions and herbs, and drenched in a flavourful white wine cream sauce. And of course, she couldn’t be happier to have more wine to go with her delectable meal.

14 of 23 Julie Tan

What she ate: Hotel breakfast

Yummy factor: A staycation is never complete without a hearty and yummy breakfast, and that’s what Julie got at Capitol Kempinski — a combination of perfectly-done sunny side up eggs, bacon and sausages. Plus, Parma ham on the side and orange juice to wash it all down. Yum.

15 of 23 Cheryl Wee

What she ate: Homemade lor mee and ngor hiang

Yummy factor: Mummy’s cooking is the best, especially if it’s homemade lor mee and ngor hiang whipped up in Jean Yip’s kitchen. The best part? The lor mee is less starchy, and Cheryl gets to add as much vinegar as she likes. Though prawns were omitted from the ngor hiang due to the kids' recent bout of rash, Cheryl said they tasted just as yummy. The secret? Add plenty of water chestnuts for sweetness.

16 of 23 Denise Camillia Tan and Sheryl Ang

​​​​​​​What they ate: Brunch fare

Yummy factor: Both ladies met up for brunch at a cafe, where they indulged in everything from fresh toast to pasta and tea cakes. And of course, coffee — a latte and iced Americano — was a must.

17 of 23 Zoe Tay, Phyllis Quek and Hong Zhaorong

What they ate: Impromptu picnic

Yummy factor: Despite her busy filming schedule, Zoe managed to rush home to get changed and cycle her way down to Marina Bay Sands to meet up with girlfriends Phyllis and Zhaorong. And while they were there, the trio caught a glimpse of the National Day Parade rehearsals while munching on snacks like fried chicken, organic roasted chestnuts and spicy mala konjac jelly.

18 of 23 Sharon Au and Darren Lim

What they ate: Egg tarts

Yummy factor: Egg tarts for tea break? Yes please. Sharon and Darren, along with theatre actor Sugie Phua, couldn’t have looked happier to tuck into their glistening baked treats while taking a break from work.

19 of 23 Vernon A

​​​​​​​What he ate: Burger with shaved truffles

Yummy factor: Safe to say, Vernon is wild about the Eggstarter burger from Wildfire Burgers — think buttery folded eggs, caramelised onions and candied bacon with truffle mayo. But of course, the cherry on the cake is having aromatic Australian truffle freshly-shaved tableside to go with the burger.

20 of 23 Kate Pang

What she ate: Tofu kimchi soup from Hong Junyang's cafe CAF (Clickafood SG)

Yummy factor: It’s been a while since Kate had her favourite kimchi soup, so she was really glad to have it for dinner this week while serving her quarantine. Check out the generous amount of kimchi in her meal! Must have tasted really shiok with the bubble tea.

21 of 23 Apple Hong

What she ate: Blueberry cheese pie

Yummy factor: Despite being in Malaysia, good friend and former Mediacorp actress Ong Ai Leng sent over a whole blueberry cheese pie from online bakery Baker Next Door to Apple, who absolutely adored the decadent dessert. What a treat the gorgeous golden brown crust must have been with the cheese and berries.

22 of 23 Nurul Aini

What she ate: Mini churros

Yummy factor: As a fan of sweet treats, the sugar-coated mini churros from snack bar Chulops have proved to be irresistible for Nurul — especially with the variety of dips available. Even her two-year-old daughter Shania had at least 15 pieces of it.

23 of 23 Chen Hanwei

What he ate: Chiffon cake

Yummy factor: It sure looks like Hanwei had a great time visiting Hong Ling’s crib, where he got to meet her kitties, play mahjong with the couple (yes, Nick Teo was there too) and munch on what looks like pillowy soft pandan chiffon cake.

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