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Foodie Friday: What The Stars Ate This Week (Aug 13-20)

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

This week, Chen Xiuhuan and Hong Huifang rewarded themselves with a hawker feast after a gruelling bike ride, Edmund Chen and Chen Yixin enjoyed a father-daughter lunch date at a food centre, while Paige Chua indulged in one of her favourite eats — fish and chips. Read on for more.

1 of 20 Hong Huifang and Chen Xiuhuan

What they ate: Local favourites

Yummy factor: From sambal stingray to BBQ chicken wings and satay, and even a mouthwatering combination of both black and white fried carrot cake, Xiuhuan and Huifang spared no expense when it came to filling their tummies after cycling at East Coast Park. The ladies must have been ravenous.

  • 2 of 20 Thomas Ong

    What he ate: K-style burgers

    Yummy factor: Can’t decide between having Korean nosh or burgers? Have the best of both worlds at Korean smashed burger kiosk BBBurgers, where Thomas recommends both the beef bulgogi and flame-grilled double cheese options. It might be a bit messy, but it sure looks shiok.

  • 3 of 20 Paige Chua

    What she ate: Fish and chips

    Yummy factor: There are just some things that one will gravitate to, no matter where one may be. And for Paige, a classic fish and chips — perfectly breaded and fried golden brown — is always a good idea. Now all she needs is a squeeze of fresh lemon or tartar sauce on the side.

  • 4 of 20 Kym Ng

    What she ate: Nasi lemak

    Yummy factor: Third time’s the charm for Kym, who finally managed to indulge in a generous plate of nasi lemak — with ikan kuning, fried egg and bergedil — on her third cycling trip to Changi Village. Safe to say, she seems really pleased to polish it all off with a cup of kopi in hand.

  • 5 of 20 Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu

    What they ate: Chocolate

    Yummy factor: As ardent fans of chocolate (dark and bitter for Joanne), it made sense that Joanne and Yuwu would try making their fave treat together. Amidst lots of fun and laughter, the couple seem to have mastered the art of tempering chocolate, and their nutty creations sure look delicious.

  • 6 of 20 Hong Ling and Nick Teo

    What they ate: Birthday dinner

    Yummy factor: While Nick doesn’t cook often, the ever-loving boyfriend made an effort to whip up Hong Ling’s favourite dishes — wagyu steak and foie gras — as a birthday treat. And it sure looks like he delivered — the spread looked amazing alongside her birthday cakes and chilled bubbly.

  • 7 of 20 Edmund Chen and Chen Yixin

    What they ate: Hawker eats

    Yummy factor: In a bid to support our local hawkers, Edmund and Yixin headed out for lunch at a food centre, and the Chens were all smiles digging into their go-to hawker eats like noodle soup, fried Hokkien mee (with plenty of sambal chilli) and oyster omelette.

  • 8 of 20 Romeo Tan

    What he ate: Somen noodles

    Yummy factor: Romeo’s mid-week lunch at Wheat Baumkuchen was a wholesome and healthy affair. He opted for their newly-launched smooth somen noodles which came topped with plenty of mushrooms, edamame, and wakame, as well as truffle oil for flavour.

  • 9 of 20 Michelle Chia

    What she ate: Spicy feast

    Yummy factor: There’s always loads to nom on whenever celebrity hairstylist Addy Lee whips up one of his simple meals. This time, Michelle got to enjoy plenty of mala xiao long xia (langoustine) with sotong balls, alongside what looks like grilled fish and stir-fried greens.

  • 10 of 20 Rui En, Dennis Chew, Desmond Tan, Chantalle Ng and Chen Hanwei

    What they ate: Steamboat dinner

    Yummy factor: Dennis celebrated his 48th birthday (Aug 15) over a hearty hotpot dinner (could the broth be from Chantalle’s Yuan Collagen?) at home with his nearest and dearest, including 'mei' Rui En and fellow August babies Desmond and Hanwei. And attention was certainly paid to detail — we spot a tray featuring jars filled with various condiments — talk about presentation.

  • 11 of 20 Allan Wu and Irene Ang

    What they ate: Plant-based dinner

    Yummy factor: Now that dining out is permissible, Allan managed to catch up with Irene at upscale Cantonese restaurant Mott 32, where they both tucked into meatless creations like salt and pepper “squid”, smoked “cod” and plant-based la zi ji. And Allan could have been fooled — he was impressed with the taste and texture of the meat substitutes.

  • 12 of 20 Seow Sin Nee

    What she ate: Goodies by home-based businesses

    Yummy factor: In this week’s episode of #JustSwipeLah, Sin Nee had lots of fun putting together and decorating crisp cannoli treats with the DIY kit from Cannolicious, indulging in thin-crust pizzas from Cuts & Slices, and more. Oh, and despite not being a fan of kueh, she approves of the nyonya kueh platter from One Sweet Bite. Check out her review.

  • 13 of 20 Cheryl Wee

    What she ate: Homemade gyozas

    Yummy factor: Cheryl spent her weekend perfecting the art of wrapping gyozas with tips from her mum, and it seems like her three-year-old son Marc was most helpful when it came to rolling the dough. And while the folds weren’t perfect, the steamed gyozas did turn out looking pretty delicious for a first attempt — we wonder if it passed the taste test for the kids.

  • 14 of 20 Jamie Yeo and Jaime Teo

    What they ate: Brunch

    Yummy factor: It seems like there’s always delish nosh involved when the double Js meet. This time, the girlfriends met up at Como Cuisine for brunch, where they had a perfectly-poached eggs benedict with Parma ham on toast, as well as a locally-inspired coconut croissant stuffed with sweetened coconut filling.

  • 15 of 20 Nurul Aini

    What she ate: Keto-friendly cookies

    Yummy factor: Nurul tried out the keto-friendly cookies from bakery Keto Eato, and was impressed with how yummy the dense treats were. And while she enjoyed the chewy chocolate chunk cookies, her favourite had to be the ones with white chocolate and macadamia nuts. Either way, both options sound delicious.

  • 16 of 20 Chen Yixi and Gavin Teo

    What they ate: Hawker fare

    Yummy factor: Yixi and Gavin headed back to Golden Mile Food Centre for their usual makan sesh, where Yixi had his go-to steamed fish with rice from Chi Le Ma, while Gavin had what looks like hong zhao ji mee sua — satisfying and wallet-friendly.

  • 17 of 20 Jade Seah

    What she ate: Toast and eggs

    Yummy factor: Jade missed her crisp kaya toast and piping hot half-boiled eggs (and dining out) so much, she made it a point to have it at Old Town White Coffee once she was officially fully vaccinated. As simple a meal as it may be, there’s just nothing quite like having one’s cravings satisfied.

  • 18 of 20 Ferlyn Wong

    What she ate: Raw crabs

    Yummy factor: From the looks of it, Ferlyn tried out a Thai-style raw crab dish at Nummun Thai Kitchen and enjoyed every bit of it. The winning combination of lime, chilli padi, onions and herbs must have made the cold dish platter all the more appetising.

  • 19 of 20 Bonnie Loo

    What she ate: Banana toast

    Yummy factor: Bonnie loves breakfast foods so much, it’s her dream to open an eatery selling all her favourite menu items one day. And the three-ingredient banana toast may just be one of them — think mashed bananas spread atop soft white bread, dipped in egg and fried to a beautiful golden brown.

  • 20 of 20 Evelyn Tan

    What she ate: Canapés

    Yummy factor: Impressed by Evelyn’s atas-looking canapés? You can easily recreate them at home with ready-made pastry tartlets from Marks and Spencer, and filling them with ingredients like Nutella, Greek yoghurt and canned tuna or seafood spread in mayonnaise like Evelyn did.

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