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Foodie Friday: What The Stars Ate This Week (Aug 6-13)

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

This week, JJ Lin dined out for the first time in four months, Cheryl Wee and her hubby had a romantic picnic by the lake, Yvonne Lim put together a chicken rice “cake”, and Sharon Au satisfied her craving for her favourite pineapple tarts. Read on to find out more.

1 of 21 JJ Lin

What he ate: Cai png

Yummy factor: For his first meal out in four months, JJ’s lunch is surprisingly simple — rice with dishes sweet and sour pork, stir-fried lady's finger, bean sprouts and plenty of curry. Well, at least he did indulge in a more expensive side dish — assam fish. Yum.

  • 2 of 21 Chen Xiuhuan

    What she ate: Local favourites

    Yummy factor: Not only did Xiuhuan dress up in hues of red and white to celebrate National Day, she also put together a feast befitting the occasion — think heaps of chicken satay with peanut sauce, laksa, prawn noodles, chilli crab and more. And for dessert, she even made a Singapore flag out of agar agar — talk about attention to detail.

  • 3 of 21 Cheryl Wee

    What she ate: Japanese takeaway

    Yummy factor: There’s a silver lining to everything — if not for P2HA’s dining restrictions, Cheryl wouldn’t have thought of having a romantic picnic by the lake at Gardens by the Bay with hubby Roy Fong, where they enjoyed the picturesque view as they munched on sushi platters and oyakodon from Japanese resto, Aoki. Well, we’re glad they got to have some precious couple time before baby no. 3 arrives.

  • 4 of 21 Elvin Ng

    What he ate: Grilled beef cubes

    Yummy factor: Dining at home doesn’t have to be drab. From blow-torched beef cubes topped with umami-filled mentaiko sauce and cheese to what looks like Surf ‘n’ Turf platters from Beef Bro, Elvin definitely had a feast with his fam.

  • 5 of 21 Sharon Au

    What she ate: Pineapple tarts

    Yummy factor: Although Sharon is returning to Paris for work soon, she’s not leaving until she gets her fix of her mum’s homemade pineapple tarts — never mind that it isn’t Chinese New Year. And perhaps it's time Sharon masters her mum’s recipe for these open-faced goodies, so she can share the love in Paris.

  • 6 of 21 Kym Ng

    What she ate: National Day-themed chiffon cake

    Yummy factor: We don't blame you for trying to guess the flavour of Kym’s chiffon cake from home-based bakery Gateaux Gallery. Well, it’s actually yuzu and rose, a citrusy and floral combination specially created for the occasion.

  • 7 of 21 Yvonne Lim

    What she ate: Chicken rice “cake”

    Yummy factor: With Singapore’s birthday and Father’s Day in Taiwan (Aug 8) just a day apart, Yvonne was inspired to put together a “cake” inspired by local flavours — chicken rice, to be exact. With poached chicken carefully placed on top of flavoured rice and “decorated” with what looks like dark soya sauce and garlicky chilli sauce, her unique creation looks perfect for dinner.

  • 8 of 21 Jade Seah

    What she ate: Fishball noodles

    Yummy factor: A visit to Sembawang Hills Food Centre saw Jade patronising popular stall Jing Ji Fishball Noodles for the first time, and she loved it for its old-school flavour, huge Teochew meat balls and all. Safe to say, she'll probably be back when cravings strike, and she'll get a larger serving the next time.

  • 9 of 21 Fann Wong and Zed

    What they ate: Minecraft-inspired cake

    Yummy factor: Fann's son Zed turned seven on National Day and the family celebrated his birthday with an intricately-designed 3D cake from Baker’s Heart, featuring his favourite Minecraft Coastal Village. And even daddy Christopher Lee, who is currently in Taiwan, managed to be “present” at the celebration. Awww...

  • 10 of 21 Joanna Dong

    What she ate: Vongole fettuccine

    Yummy factor: Believe it or not, Joanna’s homemade dish was inspired by her clutch from Japanese fashion brand, Undercover. And when you feel like munching on your bag... you whip up the real deal with lots of clams, cherry tomatoes and fettuccine simmered to al dente perfection.

  • 11 of 21 Germaine Tan

    What she ate: Hawker eats

    Yummy factor: Here’s a love tip from the 987 DJ: Be with someone who looks at you the way she gazes lovingly at her food. Or try finding someone who makes you grin like Hokkien mee, wanton mee or oyster omelette do.

  • 12 of 21 Shaun Chen

    What he ate: Dim sum

    Yummy factor: Shaun couldn't be more bashful to have his Leave No Soul Behind ​​​​​​​co-stars Chantalle Ng and Felicia Chin, as well as the rest of the crew, thank him for getting everyone dim sum for their tea break. Well, he's certainly set the standards high with the amount of snacks he got — there were pineapple buns, siew mai, bao and more.

  • 13 of 21 Gini Chang

    What she ate: Dim sum

    Yummy factor: Also having a spot of dim sum was yum cha fan Gini. The Macau native couldn't be happier to indulge in her favourite past time at Chao Yue Xuan Dim Sum opened by a former St Regis dim sum chef Vanness Chai. We've got our eye on the steamed spinach dumpling with scallop and shrimp, as well as the mushroom bun, which, surprise surprise, comes stuffed with yam and coconut cream. Check out her review on #JustSwipeLah.

  • 14 of 21 Sonia Chew

    What she ate: Seafood pao fan

    Yummy factor: Sonia is capable of just about anything — including making seafood pao fan with sliced fish and prawns from scratch for pals Rosalyn Lee and Tabitha Nauser. And is it just us, or is her sieve — used to achieve the fluffy fried egg bits — a tad too small?

  • 15 of 21 Jernelle Oh

    What she ate: Patriotic cookies

    Yummy factor: Star Search 2019 finalist Jernelle spent the long weekend getting creative with Redman’s National Day cookie kit. From the Singapore flag to our country code and a crescent with all five stars, Jernelle baked them all in the spirit of the nation’s birthday.

  • 16 of 21 Michelle Wong

    What she ate: Otter-ly adorable cookies

    Yummy factor: For her inaugural Tiktok video, Michelle decided to share a fuss-free chocolate cookie recipe — with a twist (or two). The end result of all that shaping? Otter-shaped cookies that are too adorable to munch on — not that it stopped Michelle from doing so!

  • 17 of 21 Terence Cao

    What he ate: Coma-inducing lunch

    Yummy factor: From nasi briyani with crisp papadum to smoked duck pasta, burgers and curry puffs, variety was key to Terence’s coma-inducing lunch on set. Safe to say, he must have been ravenous.

  • 18 of 21 Jesseca Liu

    What she ate: Pork rib stew

    Yummy factor: There’s just something therapeutic about watching Jesseca’s vlogs. This week, she made pork rib stew to enjoy with hubby Jeremy Chan, carefully blanching and stir-frying the meat before simmering them with vegetables in stock. It must have been pretty shiok to have it with fluffy rice.

  • 19 of 21 Pan Lingling

    What she ate: Yam cake

    Yummy factor: Lingling had her fix of old-school yam cake from home-based biz Cook at Home, along with what looks like fried yam chips and plenty of sambal belacan — perfect as a hearty tea time snack over the long weekend.

  • 20 of 21 Ya Hui

    What she ate: Phad thai

    Yummy factor: It doesn’t take much to make Ya Hui happy. Just feed her a hearty meal with her fave eats like this spread of green bean soup and fresh honeydew, as well as phad thai with sliced chilli padi for an extra kick.

  • 21 of 21 Kate Pang

    What she ate: Fudgy brownies

    Yummy factor: The rich brownies from online bakery Little Darling may have just found themselves a new fan in Kate. She loves how the brownie squares — which have a great bite to them — are indulgent yet easy on the sugar, and the dainty gold flake toppings add an elevated touch.

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