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Foodie Friday: What The Stars Ate This Week (Jul 2-9)

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

This week, Richard Low aka Limpeh celebrated 35 years in showbiz, birthday girl Hong Zhaorong got a surprise delivery from a very special food delivery rider (psst, she's an Ah Jie!), and Diana Ser took her son out on a date at Lawry’s. Meanwhile, Joanne Peh showed us what happens when she leaves the ordering to hubby Qi Yuwu. Read on to see what they had.

1 of 20 Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu

What they ate: Too much for two

Yummy factor: From breads to pasta and succulent ribs and steak, Joanne and Yuwu’s takeaway dinner from Marina Bay Sands sure looks delish... but way too much for two. Well, even Yuwu — who was in charge of placing the orders — appears shocked by the sheer amount of food. Now the question on everyone’s mind is did they manage to polish off everything?

  • 2 of 20 Mark Lee

    What he ate: Cantonese cuisine

    Yummy factor: Mark’s date night out at Peach Blossoms with his wife Catherine Ng saw them tucking into Cantonese classics like tender char siew and comforting soups. The star of the dinner, however, was probably dessert — a most interesting modern interpretation of dou jiang you tiao (soya bean drink and dough fritters). And of course Mark had to tag JJ Lin, who has a song by that name, in his Instagram update — no one else sings about the 'Perfect Match' better than he does.

  • 3 of 20 Diana Ser

    What she ate: Steak and salad

    Yummy factor: It appears that Diana’s son, Jake, has pretty atas taste when it comes to food. For their lunch date together, Jake chose to dine at Lawry’s The Prime Rib, where he had their signature steak with mash and the silver side trio of creamed corn, spinach and peas, while mum opted for something lighter on the palate — the spinning bowl salad. Yum.

  • 4 of 20 Chen Xiuhuan

    What she ate: Graduation-themed feast

    Yummy factor: Although her daughter Shanisse Tsai’s in-person graduation ceremony had to be cancelled due to the heightened restrictions, Xiuhuan wanted to make the occasion a special one for her nonetheless. And what better way than to do it with food? And so the proud mum got busy preparing a full table of grad-inspired treats — think wafer rolls wrapped with ribbons to resemble scrolls, canapes and cakes topped with mortar boards and more. How sweet is that?

  • 5 of 20 Zoe Tay and Hong Zhaorong

    What they ate: Char kway teow

    Yummy factor: While food delivery is the norm these days, it’s not every day that you get piping hot char kway teow from the famed No. 18 Zion Road Fried Kway Teow delivered to your doorstep by an Ah Jie. Birthday girl Zhaorong was one of the lucky recipients of Zoe Tay’s love, who cycled over to pass her not one, but two packets of the sinful goodness.

  • 6 of 20 Gini Chang

    What she ate: Creole Jambalaya

    Yummy factor: Gini checked out newly-opened cafe Orange & Teal, helmed by politician Dr Chee Soon Juan and his wife Mei, and had her first taste of Jambalaya, a Louisiana-style rice dish, as well as their popular Creamy Butter Tuscan Salmon. Find out what she thinks of the food on #justswipelah.

  • 7 of 20 Pierre Png

    What he ate: Seafood congee

    Yummy factor: It appears that Pierre was really pleased with his comforting bowl of seafood congee and tea-smoked salmon from Reimondo Seafood Congee, a hawker stall located at Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre. The congee here is known for its wok hei flavour, and Pierre loved it so much that he says it's worth the trip to the east.

  • 8 of 20 Michelle Chong and Lawrence Wong

    What she ate: Fusion eats

    Yummy factor: Michelle and Lawrence’s lunch at chef Willin Low’s restaurant Relish was a decadent affair. Between the two foodies, they shared the Iberico pork satay with pineapple salsa, a juicy blue cheese and pear burger, as well as Willin’s Singapore-inspired izakaya Roketto's popular plump scallop her keow (fish dumplings) with spicy marmite peanut butter sauce. And it looks like Lawrence had pasta too.

  • 9 of 20 Richard Low

    What he ate: Celebratory nosh

    Yummy factor: Has it really been more than three decades since Richard aka Limpeh became an actor? From festive red eggs with mee sua for lunch to a Japanese feast of grilled fish cheeks, sashimi, sushi and more, Richard celebrated his 35 years in showbiz with plenty of yummy nosh.

  • 10 of 20 Lee Teng

    What he ate: Homemade beef noodles

    Yummy factor: While Lee Teng was resting, his wife Gina Lin got busy simmering beef broth chock full of carrots, tomatoes and lots of other hearty ingredients for his dinner. Safe to say, Lee Teng loved the heartwarming dish and happily slurped it all up. And in case you were wondering, his “nosebleed” was caused by an Instagram filter.

  • 11 of 20 Romeo Tan

    What he ate: Healthy lunch

    Yummy factor: Romeo’s early lunch at Wheat Baumkuchen was a colourful and healthy salmon bowl — both sashimi and poached — with broccoli, corn and a wobbly onsen egg. Talk about starting his day right.

  • 12 of 20 Yvonne Lim

    What she ate: Graduation cake

    Yummy factor: Yvonne too threw a graduation-themed party this week. To celebrate her son AJ’s graduation from preschool (aww..), Yvonne decorated their home, prepared handmade bouquets and baked him the cutest cake adorned with fondant alphabets, books and even a cartoon version of him wearing a mortar board.

  • 13 of 20 Denise Camillia Tan

    What she ate: Kacangma

    Yummy factor: Denise whipped up one of her favourite dishes from Sarawak, kacangma, and it looks perfect with a huge bowl of rice. The chicken-based dish features motherwort — a nutritious herb — and is often eaten as a confinement dish in her mum’s hometown.

  • 14 of 20 Carrie Wong

    What she ate: Korean BBQ

    Yummy factor: Carrie treated herself to a hearty Korean BBQ dinner after work, where she had everything from grilled pork belly to spicy tteokbokki and kimchi stew, as well as fried chicken — a fair bit of food for two!

  • 15 of 20 Candyce Toh and Hong Junyang

    What they ate: Banana leaf rice from Bananabro

    Yummy factor: When you own an Indian banana leaf restaurant like this F&B power couple does, you can satisfy your cravings for fiery curry anytime. Safe to say, they’re both fans of the piping hot curries, crispy papadum and fried accompaniments like bittergourd rings (Junyang says they are da bomb) and chicken.

  • 16 of 20 Apple Hong

    ​​​​​​​What she ate: Treasures of the ocean

    Yummy factor: Life’s been a beach for Apple, who got to savour seasonal, bite-sized delicacies off a decadent platter at Japanese restaurant Esora. The whole set-up resembles a gorgeous beach, complete with driftwood, sea stars and even seashells and sand.

  • 17 of 20 Sora Ma

    What she ate: Comfort food

    Yummy factor: Never mind that it was Sora’s anniversary week with her better half, they chose to keep things simple and headed out for kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs at Heap Seng Long’s, as well as fried carrot cake (black, for Sora) at Whampoa Drive Market. Well, it's the company that counts, isn't it?

  • 18 of 20 Hazelle Teo

    What she ate: Yakiniku

    Yummy factor: Before heading off for her work assignment, YES 933 DJ Hazelle made sure to get herself a sumptuous dinner at Japanese BBQ restaurant Yakiniku Like, where she couldn’t be happier to indulge in grilled meats like marbled chunks of beef and irresistible pork belly slices.

  • 19 of 20 Nick Shen

    What he ate: Teochew-style fried noodles

    Yummy factor: Nick’s probably still reminiscing about the Teochew-style fried noodles he had this week at a friend’s place. Made from scratch by experienced hands, the simple yet hearty old-school noodles were scrumptious with plenty of ingredients like prawns, pork and squid.

  • 20 of 20 Evelyn Tan

    What she ate: Eggs benedict

    Yummy factor: Evelyn loves her weekends 'cos that's when she can kick back and indulge in all-day breakfast menus. This week, the YES 933 DJ headed to Whisk & Paddle for a hearty meal of smoked salmon and eggs benedict on waffles for dinner. Because why not?

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