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Annie Yi Is Taking Legal Action Against Netizens For Calling Her 3-Year-Old Daughter “Cross-eyed” and “Ugly”

It’s time to take a stand against cyber-bullying.

It’s time to take a stand against cyber-bullying.

It’s time to take a stand against cyber-bullying.

For the past few years, Taiwanese singer-actress Annie Yi, 50, has been focused on her e-commerce business, like her own brand of probiotics that she’s been promoting on Weibo. In a recent post, Annie revealed that her three-year-old daughter Milly has been taking the product for a while, which raised the suspicions of some netizens.

It wasn’t long before their comments took a turn for the nasty with some netizens calling Milly “cross-eyed and stupid-looking” and “silly and simple-minded and ugly”, and adding that she’s this way because she’s been taking the probiotics. So rude right? And may we remind everyone that Milly is only three?!

1 of 4 Why so mean?

The super mean comments pissed Annie off so much that she went on Weibo to lambast the netizens. She also said that she has reported the comments to the authorities.

“The child didn’t offend you, and because you don’t agree with something, you start insulting a three-year-old child that you don’t know. I do not know how your parents brought you up,” the star lashed out.

Annie, who also has a 17-year-old son with ex-husband Harlem Yu, also posted screengrabs of the comments ’cos you know, receipts (see above).

2 of 4 Don't Annie how insult her daughter

“As for the abusive statements, they have been reported and I have asked a lawyer to collect evidence,” she added.

She then ended her post with this warning: “I am a mother, and like any mother, I will not allow anyone to hurt my child.”

Her fans have since praised her for going all Liam Neeson on the mean-spirited netizens. “These people are too evil. They need the law to teach them a lesson. Supporting you Annie,” wrote one netizen. “There will always be people who hide in a corner to stalk another person’s life, and then scold her because they are jealous, while living their own pathetic lives,” said another.

There were also some fans who suggested that Annie should stop making Milly a target for online trolls by posting less about her on social media. Out of sight, out of mind maybe?

  • 3 of 4 Milly with her dad, Chinese actor Qin Hao
    4 of 4 Annie's probiotics from her Milly's Mum brand

    Photos: Annie Yi's Weibo

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