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Cecilia Cheung Not Against Sons Joining Showbiz If They Are “Better Than Her Or Their Father” Nicholas Tse

She says her eldest son Lucas, 13, “just wants to be a good person” when he grows up.

She says her eldest son Lucas, 13, “just wants to be a good person” when he grows up.

She says her eldest son Lucas, 13, “just wants to be a good person” when he grows up.

While some celebrity parents aren’t keen on the idea of their children following in their showbiz footsteps (at least in the beginning), Hongkong actress and mum-of-three Cecilia Cheung has no qualms about it at all.

In a recent episode of Chinese variety show Life is Beautiful, the 41-year-old was asked how she would react if her boys were to express interest in joining the entertainment industry.

“I’m completely not against it,” she declared. “Of course, I want my children to have a simple life, do well in their studies, meet a very pure and simple girl, get married when they want to, and have a very simple family. To me, that would be okay.”

1 of 4 Ceci and her three sons Lucas, Quintus, and Marcus

However, Ceci acknowledged that this might not be the life that her kids want for themselves. “So, if my sons really wanted to enter showbiz, and they are even better than me or their father, I would support them 100 per cent,” she said.

Hongkong actor Nicholas Tse, who was married to Ceci for five years, is the father of her two older boys, 13-year-old Lucas and 11-year-old Quintus. The identity of her two-year-old son Marcus’ dad remains a mystery until now.

2 of 4 What does her eldest son Lucas want to be when he grows up?

As for whether Lucas has told Ceci what he wants to be when he’s older, she said he hasn’t.

“He told me that he just wants to be a good person,” she shared. “He doesn’t like to hurt people, and he doesn’t want to get into conflict with others. He just wants to do the things he wants to do and do them well, and that’s enough. He doesn’t care about how others see him, and I’m so grateful he’s like that. He has such a pure mind.”

3 of 4 Proud mama

Ceci had a similar response when posed the same question about her sons joining showbiz on another variety show, although she had more to say this time.

“I’m not particularly against it, but they must be mentally prepared ‘cos it’s very important to have [the right] mindset,” she mused. “In this line of work, luck is very important, and so is timing, but those are things that I can’t control, and I also can’t control their mindset.”

Well, if Lucas and Quintus really do decide to enter showbiz, they certainly won’t have any trouble getting attention. In fact, they already get people talking — every time their mother shares new pictures of them, netizens go crazy over their good looks and resemblance to their dad Nicholas.

4 of 4 Only time will tell if they’re actually “better than” their parents, though

Photos: Life is Beautiful/Weibo, Cecilia Cheung/Weibo and Instagram

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