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Fan Bingbing Blasted By Netizens For Posting “Staged” Pics Of Her Working On Her Beauty Products In The Lab

They look more like shots from a beauty campaign.

They look more like shots from a beauty campaign.

They look more like shots from a beauty campaign.

Fan Bingbing launched her beauty brand Fan Beauty Secret in 2019 to a lot of hype, but her products were hit by bad reviews from netizens who blasted them for being “worse than drugstore brands”.

Since then, the 39-year-old has pledged to improve the quality of her products.

The actress recently posted a series of photos of her in a lab, where she was said to have been “doing research” and “quality control”.

1 of 2 Bingbing checking out her masks in the lab

Rather than praise Bingbing for being hands-on, netizens blasted her for posting pictures that were “obviously staged .

According to them, no researcher would have a face full of make-up and have “loose strands of hair that could get tangled in the equipment or fall into the chemicals”.

They also mentioned that the goggles Bingbing was wearing were the wrong type, and that she was holding the beaker and glass rod inaccurately.

Worst of all, Bingbing wasn’t wearing gloves, which netizens say is the “most basic rule of all lab work”.

2 of 2 Lab work is hard work

“We’re not saying that she needs to go into the lab and do all the grunt work, but she should at least find out what real researchers look like in the lab. Has she even visited her R&D labs?” questioned one netizen.

Another added, “I’m a researcher and I feel extremely disrespected after seeing these pics. We spend days cooped up in the labs and have no time to doll up or mess around like this. If we cared about our appearance more than our work, we wouldn’t be working in a lab.”

The pictures have since been removed from Fan Beauty Secret’s Weibo.

Photos: PBE Media

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