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Jerry Yan, Julian Cheung & Jordan Chan Confirmed To Be Competing In Male Version Of Sisters Who Make Waves

The show is titled Call Me By Fire and it's looking hot.

The show is titled Call Me By Fire and it's looking hot.

The show is titled Call Me By Fire and it's looking hot.

The two very exciting — and dramatic — seasons of Sisters Who Make Waves, um, made waves because it featured popular female stars over 30 like Cecilia Cheung, Na Ying and Rainie Yang competing to make it into a girl group.

The all-male edition, titled Call Me By Fire, is expected to be equally popular when it airs first episode on Thursday (Aug 12).

Chinese broadcaster Mango TV has announced the show's highly-anticipated lineup, but while a leaked name list from months ago suggested that Andy Lau, Vic Chou and Wu Chun would be making appearances, their names, sadly, are missing from the official cast list.

1 of 3 Michael Tse (left) & Zhang Yunlong (right)

Making the the final group of 33 men who will sing, dance and probably have life-changing revelations throughout the season are F4 member Jerry Yan, Hongkong actors Jordan Chan, Michael Tse and Julian Cheung, as well as Chinese stars Yin Zheng and Zhang Yunlong.

2 of 3 Jordan Chan is one of the oldest contestants on the show

After the lineup was announced, many netizens expressed how excited they are to see Julian and Jordan, who are 49 and 54 respectively, on the show.

A netizen said, “They have everything going for them in their respective careers and have earned enough money over the years. It’s like they’re doing us a favour by taking part in Call Me By Fire!”

  • 3 of 3 Jerry Yan

    Jerry Yan, 44, is also one of the more talked-about contestants with netizens pointing out that the actor has always been known more for his looks than for this singing and dancing ability even though he was in one of the Asia's biggest boybands. However that may all change soon.

    Call Me By Fire could be a good way to show that Jerry Yan always had what it takes to be a great singer,” said one netizen.

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