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Netizen Claims Edison Chen Asked Her For Sex When His Wife Was Pregnant

She also has screenshots of the DMs allegedly exchanged between her and Edison.

She also has screenshots of the DMs allegedly exchanged between her and Edison.

She also has screenshots of the DMs allegedly exchanged between her and Edison.

A Chinese netizen has claimed in a Weibo post that bad-boy-turned-family-man Edison Chen, 40, propositioned her twice between November 2016 and January 2017. Edison has been with his wife supermodel Qin Shupei since 2015 and their daughter Alaia was born on March 4, 2017.

The post was originally written in 2019 but largely remained under the radar. For some reason, it started gaining traction on May 30 and the original article is now one of the top trending posts on Weibo.

According to the netizen, she had sent the star an emoji on Instagram after watching him in a documentary by Vice China. I felt that he was an interesting person. I didn’t expect him to reply within seconds. I was rather surprised and happy then because I felt that he had no airs about him. We chatted and he mentioned that he was going to Paris for a street fashion brand’s event, then the conversation took a turn.”

1 of 2 Screenshots of their alleged Instagram DMs

“I asked [Edison] where in Paris he would be, and he asked if I was going to see him,” she added. “I thought he was referring to the store that the event was happening at, so I told him that I’d make a trip down if I had time. But Mr. Chen asked me, ‘Do you want to meet me at the hotel?’”

She said that she was shocked by the response as it came “too suddenly”.

“[I asked myself] why I was being propositioned by Edison Chen. I thought of the faces of the female stars [who were involved in his 2008 sex photos scandal], she wrote.

Screenshots of the DMs allegedly exchanged between the pair were also shared, with Edison asking the netizen if she wanted to “meet and play” while he was in Shanghai.

He asked her to “confirm it now and make the date” when she didn’t respond, and followed up with a “?” when she ghosted him.

In another screenshot, he allegedly asked if she was “ready to f*** hard”. When she messaged him to know if he had arrived in Shanghai , he replied asking if she “[couldn’t] wait to f*** [him] hard”. When the netizen didn’t respond, he sent her another message insisting that he was “being serious cuz [he] wanna know the mood”, asking her to “reply [him] seriously (sic)”.

2 of 2 Edison, Shupei & Alaia

The netizen then clarified that she had no intention on having a one-night stand with Edison, and that she had only wanted to chat with him.

When she eventually told her friends about what had happened, her female friends told her that it was a “relief that [she] didn’t go, or there might be photos of [her] in the future”.

Her male friends, on the other hand, asked her why she didn’t agree to it “because it’s Edison Chen!”

The netizen later added Edison on WhatsApp and WeChat. During one of their conversations, she asked Edison about the supermodel he was photographed with. His reaction was anything but friendly as he snapped, “It’s none of your business.”

The netizen said she later find out that said supermodel was his wife, Qin Shupei.

Netizens pointed out that if the alleged propositions are real, then Shupei was pregnant when Edison was hitting on the netizen. Edison and Shupei’s daughter, Alaia, was born on Mar 4, 2017.

The comments directed at Edison since this new scandal went viral has not been kind, with some calling him “an insult to mankind for cheating on his pregnant wife”.

One netizen added: “A leopard never changes its spots. He was attached when he asked this netizen for sex, and something tells me that she wasn’t the only one who received such an offer.”

Photos: PBE Media

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