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Shu Qi Revealed Why She Didn’t Date Stephen Fung When They First Met 20 Years Ago — & It’s Made People Envious Of Their Marriage

Don’t worry, the actress was clearly just teasing her poor husband.

Don’t worry, the actress was clearly just teasing her poor husband.

Don’t worry, the actress was clearly just teasing her poor husband.

Fann Wong (aka Mrs Christopher Lee) and Catherine Ng (aka Mrs Mark Lee) aren’t the only women who had not-so-flattering first impressions of their husbands when they first met — even Shu Qi needed time to warm up to the thought of romancing Stephen Fung.

Shu Qi, 45, and Stephen, 46, met on the set of the 1998 film Bishonen, but it wasn’t until 2016 when they finally tied the knot after four years of dating.

So, why did it take them almost 20 years?

1 of 5 Love at first sight… not

In a recent episode of Chinese variety show 50km Taohuawu, the usually super private Shu Qi was surprisingly candid when asked why she and Stephen didn’t get into a relationship as soon as they got to know each other over two decades ago.

Her answer? “He wasn’t up to my standards. (Laughs)

2 of 5 Ouch! Say what?

Naturally, the other people on the programme were taken aback by Shu Qi’s frank reply and said, “But your husband is so handsome. How could he possibly not be up to your standards?”

The Taiwanese actress continued to gleefully roast her poor husband, explaining, “I’ve worked with the likes of Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro, can he compare to them? They are really too handsome!”

3 of 5 Stephen, Shu Qi, and Andy all worked together on the 2017 film The Adventurers

Before long, the phrase “Shu Qi teases Stephen Fung for not being handsome enough” became a trending topic on Weibo, amusing netizens with this very rare display of cheeky affection.

“Only two people who have a very good relationship can joke around like that! I envy them,” wrote one, while another remarked, “This is an unconventional form of PDA.”

5 of 5 #Relationshipgoals

Photos: PBE Media, Shu Qi/Instagram

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