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Netflix To Launch 106 Classic Singaporean Films & Series — Including 55 Mediacorp Shows — From August  

Expect lots of homegrown content under Netlix’s roof from Aug 1.

Expect lots of homegrown content under Netlix’s roof from Aug 1.

Expect lots of homegrown content under Netlix’s roof from Aug 1.

To celebrate National Day, Netflix will be launching 106 Singaporean films and series — including a multilingual medley of classic Mediacorp English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil productions — from Aug 1.

These homemade shows will be included to the streaming giant’s library progressively over the next three months. Familiar titles such as Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd and the Tamil cop thriller Vettai will be available alongside more obscure offerings like the Eric Khoo flesh-fest In The Room, starring Lawrence Wong.

This is in addition to existing Singapore content on Netflix such as Sandi Tan’s documentary Shirkers, the ex-con dama A Yellow Bird, the Golden Horse-winning A Land Imagined and the horror Revenge of the Pontiank as well as a selection of Mediacorp serials (The Little Nyonya, The Dream Job, The Ultimatum).

They will be displayed in a dedicated ‘Singapore, Now Streaming’ row on the Netflix interface. They are further sub-categorised into ‘From a Local Lens’ (Shows by notable Singaporean directors); ‘Grandfather Stories’ (Singapore Nostalgia); ‘Kids Playing Marbles Upstairs’ (Singaporean Horror); ‘Bring Tissue Packet’ (Singaporean Drama — Movies and Series); ‘Best in Singapore, JB and some say Batam’ (Singaporan Comedy); ‘Will You Get a BTO With Me’ (Singaporean Romance); ‘Shared Over Rice’ (Singapore Family Shows); ‘Keep Ah Ma Occupied’ (Singapore Mandarin Shows); ‘Goes Well With Kacang Putih’ (Singaporean Movies); and ‘Last Time Primetime. Now Anytime’ (Singaporean TV Shows).

Here is the complete list of homegrown movies and series scheduled to launch in the next three months.

1 of 8 I Not Stupid

August 1, 2020:

Ah Boys to Men II

Bring Back The Dead

Singapore Dreaming

Old Cow Vs Tender Grass

King of Mahjong

Where Got Ghost

Meeting The Giant

Just Follow Law

Love Cuts

Love Matters

The Maid

It's A Great Great World

Perfect Rivals

The Best Bet

I Not Stupid Too

Dance Dance Dragon

The Wedding Diary

Ghost Child

The Ghost Must Be Crazy


I Not Stupid

12 Lotus

I Do I Do


The Leap Years


Ilo Ilo

Already Famous

Wanton Mee


12 Storeys

Kallang Roar the Movie

3 Peas in a Pod

Be With Me

Sayang Disayang



Gone Shopping

18 Grams of Love

2 of 8 In The Room

August 8, 2020


My Magic

Mee Pok Man

Money No Enough

Money No Enough Too

Gurushetram — 24 Hours Of Anger

The Teenage Textbook Movie

The Songs We Sang

The Tree

Liang Po Po The Movie

In The Room

Two Boys And A Mermaid

Taxi Taxi

Ah Long Pte Ltd


The Truth About Jane and Sam

Growing Up

The Price of Peace

Bunga Tanjong

Teochew Family

The Wedding Game


The Matchmaker's Match

Best of Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd

3 of 8 Don't Worry Be Happy

August 15, 2020:

To Madam With Love

Santa The Happy Ghost

Best of Don't Worry Be Happy

Somewhere In Time

Spirit On Wheels

4 of 8 The Unbeatables

August 30, 2020:

The Unbeatables I

The Unbeatables II,

Unbeatables III

Best of Under One Roof,

The Best of The Noose

Growing Up Season 2-3

5 of 8 Vettai

September 15, 2020:

Vettai S1

Best of Right Frequency

Immortal Love

Just In Singapore

Mystery I

Hainan Kopi Tales


Morning Express I

The Legend of Ji Gong

6 of 8 Aduh Bibikku

September 30, 2020:

Aduh Bibikku Sr 1

Aduh Bibikku Sr 2

Return of the Condor Heroes

The Champion

Stepping Out

Vettai Sr 2

Mystery II

The Morning Express II

7 of 8 The Golden Pillow

October 15, 2020:

Vettai Sr 3

The Legendary Swordsman

The New Adventures Of Wisely

The Oath

The Return of Royal Monk

The Guest People

The Royal Monk

The Golden Pillow

8 of 8 Tofu Street

October 30, 2020:

The Witty Advisor

Wild Orchids

Vive La Famile

Zero to Hero

Tofu Street

Beautiful Connection

For more information, visit from 1 August 2020.

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