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Song Joong Ki’s Sister Just Graduated With A PhD From The Prestigious Seoul National University

The actor was spotted at his little sis’ graduation.

Song Joong Ki, 37, is famously close with his family. He often speaks of them to the media and the Songs have been spotted on vacations together.

Joong Ki’s sister Song Seul Ki, 30, recently graduated with a PhD from the prestigious Seoul National University’s College of Medicine, and the family was there to witness the moment.

Like any proud big bro, Joong Ki’s brother Song Seung Ki, 39, took to social media to share his sibling’s biggest milestone yet. 

In the pic, the brothers can be seen beaming alongside Seul Ki who was in her graduation robe. Seung Ki also shared a photo of the three of them when they were little.

"We used to be small but are now old. We have a doctor in our family now. I am proud of my sibling,” Seung Ki posted on Instagram, along with the hashtags “I am bragging” and "PhD from Seoul National University".

Too cute!

We don’t blame him for bragging. After all, Seoul National University is regarded as the top university in South Korea and is notoriously difficult to get into.

Fans congratulated Seul Ki and commented that the siblings look very much alike and that “good genes run in the family”.

Interestingly, we think Seung Ki’s elder son looks a lot like Joong Ki when he was young.

That's Joong Ki on the left and Seung Ki's son on the right

Seul Ki isn’t the only brainy one in the family.

A straight-A student in school, Joong Ki graduated with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in broadcasting from Sungkyunkwan University.

He was talent scouted by an agent when he was preparing for his university entrance exam and joined showbiz in his third year of university, much to his parents’ disapproval.

Photos: Song Joong Ki/Instagram, Song Seung Ki/Instagram

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