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Taiwanese Hokkien Pop Singer Chan Yawen Hits Back At Accusations That She Is Faking Parkinson's Disease

Do netizens really think anyone would lie about something so serious?

Do netizens really think anyone would lie about something so serious?

Do netizens really think anyone would lie about something so serious?

In March, Taiwanese Hokkien pop singer Chan Yawen, 54, revealed that she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and that there's atrophy on the left side of her brain.

Over the years, Yawen also suffered from a series of health issues including hypothyroidism, asthma, heart inflammation and also had a tumour in her salivary glands and throat.

She revealed that she was shocked when she was told that she has Parkinson’s, and at one point, believed that heaven was playing a joke on her.

Yet somehow, there are people who are not convinced that Yawen is ill and have accused her of “pretending to be sick” to gain sympathy and attention.


1 of 3 She’s not taking the claims lying down

Last night (Sep 28), Yawen took to Facebook Live to address the accusations. I really am sick. To me, your doubts and suspicions are all well wishes. I really hope your well wishes can come true, she said.

“If I were really pretending to be sick, that would be great.”

She lamented that while cancer can still be treated with chemotherapy, there is no cure for Parkinson’s and that one can only rely on drugs to slow down the disease.

2 of 3 For Yawen, memory loss is considered a kind of bliss

During the session, she also shared that she often suffers from memory loss, but she is taking it all in her stride.

“I am still very fortunate because I suffer from memory loss, I don’t remember the sufferings, painful memories, and the difficult life. This is the most blissful thing for me now,” she said.

She added that although she cannot remember the names of many people and often forgets her lyrics, she is grateful that people still remember her.

Yawen also thanked netizens for cheering her on, adding that while the side effects of the disease are unbearable, she is living with it positively.

3 of 3 She hopes to be able to perform on stage again

Yawen encouraged those suffering from Parkinson's disease to persevere and still go out and chase their dreams.

She said that she will continue to sing and, in fact, has made some plans for the future.

I hope everyone will wait for my good news. Of course, some people will say I am just trying to promote myself and create news again. It doesn’t matter what you say. I cherish the good and bad things you say. Regardless of whether you are trying to provoke, hurt, praise or comfort me, I’m very fulfilled. I have endless medicine to take, food that I can’t stomach, and water that I can’t drink, but this live stream is healing for me, she shared, adding that it would be a blessing if she could perform on stage again.

Photos: Chan Yawen/Facebook

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