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'That’s not right': Netizens criticise Taiwanese star Hao Shao Wen, 33, for kissing his 9-year-old stepdaughter on the lips

The former child star married a Chinese showbiz outsider in Hangzhou last week, but netizens, as usual, have found something to nitpick about.

Taiwanese former child actor, Hao Shao Wen, 33, tied the knot with Chinese make-up artist Lin Ningrui last week (May 15). 

One of Shao Wen’s groomsmen was none other than his Shaolin Popeye (1994) co-star Shi Xiao Long

Many were pleasantly surprised that the two stayed in contact all these years and were treated to a trip down memory lane after pics from the wedding were posted. 

However, Shao Wen’s wedding has become the talk of the town for one other reason. 

Ningrui’s nine-year-old daughter from a previous relationship joined the happy couple in most of the pics, and one in particular stood out to netizens. 

In what was meant to be a cute pic of the new family of three, Shao Wen could be seen kissing his stepdaughter on the lips. 

Many took issue with the particular photo, criticising the star for his “inappropriate actions”.

Netizens had plenty to say about him kissing his stepdaughter on the lips

“As the stepfather of the little girl, he shouldn’t be kissing her lips. That’s not right,” read one comment. 

Another netizen also wrote: “Let’s not talk about the fact that she’s his stepdaughter. Even if she’s his kid, it’s not good to do that to a grown girl.”

Others were also against his actions as they feel that a nine-year-old “is already aware of the opposite sex”. 

Still, there were also a handful of netizens who believed that others were being too nosy. 

They wrote: “As long as his wife is okay with it, what’s it to him if you guys don’t agree with [him kissing his stepdaughter]?”

Another netizen also ventured to say that if they were Shao Wen’s wife, they would be “thankful that he loves their daughter so much”. 

Photos: Sinchew News, Now News

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